Our zoo trip in March 2010

This was the first time K would be at our world famous Zoo.  We didn’t think she’d understand or appreciate much if we brought her earlier, but I guess even at this age she didn’t appreciate everything.
I really wish K’d stop smiling like this when we say “Smile”! It looks pained at best and fake at worst. Perhaps we should just tickle her.

Here she looks like she’s saying “stop, paparazzi! this is all I can take!”.

Saw the infamous white tigers who ‘mauled’ a man recently. We also saw the Polar Bear, Zebras, Pygmy Hippos, sea otters, meerkat, leopard and chimpanzees…
Entertaining sea lion show. We also watched the elephant show but didn’t take any pictures cos we were mostly busy feeding K her lunch. I didn’t know elephants could balance on a log beam and do a 180 degree turn!

This was the amazing water wonderland that greeted me – far beyond what I had expected!

It took a long while before she stopped clinging onto my leg and I managed to take a few photos of her.

Think I ended up having more fun (owning the slides) than chicken-hearted Kate. I only stopped my fun with the slides after I rammed into this kindergarden kid and got a nasty half black eye. Ok, it wasn’t so bad but my a corner of my specs hit my face, causing a small reddish line that grew into a faint orh cheh on the lower half of my right eye.
Too much water! She wouldn’t even follow me into some of the smaller sprays.
Finally… she agreed to stand apart from me to take a photo.

Look at how awkward and worried she looks!
Check out the forced smile on this one.
My little pony! She got up close and personal with the goats too.

K touching a magic horse shoe. Look at how tiny she is compared to the average horse!

Although this is not the first time I’ve seen giraffes, as one walked past, it just amazed me, once again, how majestic and graceful these creatures of God’s handiwork are.

Majesty and grace.

I took this picture to remind me of how independent K is. She wouldn’t care if we had walked on and said “bye bye”…

She’d take her time, stop wherever she wanted, and many a time, would even start walking nonchalantly in the opposite direction, away from us……

This picture shows how far she was from us, and how small she is, still. Sometimes, the attention she demands from us makes her much larger than life. And her presence is overwhelming.

So I am reminded, that this precious little child is someone that God had made me steward of, just for a little while, until she is grown.

Too soon, she shall be grown, perhaps not as tall as the graceful giraffe striding before us, but soon she will be walking paths that the Lord leads her on, and I must not hold her back.

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