Our marathon Sunday morning

We thought it would be fun for K & B to take part in the Kids Dash this year, and have a whiff of the marathon atmosphere.

The hubs and I were really excited, since we are junkies of this run. We have good memories associated with this run, having taken part in it when we were ‘paktor-ing’ in 2004 (both did 10km), then after marriage in 2007 (I did 10km and he did the 21km).  When K was one, he trained for the full marathon, getting up at 5am to run from our home to East Coast Park and back (thanks to the new park connectors).  After B was born, it became much harder to train… so Kids Dash it was to be, this year!

We were waved to the special priority collection counter – no queue!

B is off to a quick trot as she cutely shoulders her tote
High-five! (Caught on film by one of the official photographers)
Sweet shot by Voux Photography
the night before, we got the tees all ready

We got up bright and early, watched the Kenyan winner on TV, and got really excited as we passed hordes of marathoners as we drove past East Coast Park.  We had time to have a leisurely breakfast, before strolling to the Esplanade start point. 

waiting in airconditioned comfort heh heh since we were quite early

Making herself comfortable on the value-driven steps

K’s category was flagged off first. Being law-abiding, we didn’t try to bend the rules to run as a family. So B and I waited for her turn…

All ready to break through the barriers!
At the holding area before we were allowed to proceed to the START line

More waiting near the start line

Then finally, off we were! Baby B was a bit overwhelmed by the heat and the many folks around her.  She gamely held my hand and ran a bit, giving high-fives to the youths lining the race path.  But after 50m or so, she decided it was ENOUGH and wanted to be carried.  So carried, she was.  For the rest of the 700m…

It was a leisurely enough race, and the organisers were quite accommodating, in that I saw strollers too! Thought that was a bit against the spirit of it all, but whatever works I guess!  Don’t want fainting babies or collapsing parents – we all know looking after a kid for 750m is more tiring than running 10km on your own, don’t we?

What’s all the fuss, let’s take a rest

K was running in a separate category that started 15 mins before us, but the hubs very cleverly situated himself near the finish line such that he could see Baby B and I approaching.

So for the last 50m, K was lifted across the barriers to join us, in the “final lap” and we had fun constructing a nice photo finish – initially Baby B deigned to run, so I had one kid holding each hand, but after 5 steps B insisted on being carried again so this is how we ended – K holding my left hand and B carried in my right arm.  Yeah, heroic.

Product endorsement shot, haha. I guess one really looks the part and one looked the part she played – which was not much running.

We didn’t really stay for the carnival, since it was on the other side of the Padang. So we left for church, and made it in good time for their sunday school classes!  All in all, a good experience! 

p.s. I only realised this year that the Ekiden runners (team running 7km each) got the same finisher’s tee as those who did the full marathon!  What’s up with that? The hubs said, that’s why that’s the first category to be fully signed up for every year.  With some bitterness he remarked that these folks got the same tee for running one-sixth the distance…  Well, my conclusion was, we gotta run the Ekiden next year for sure then!  It’s my only hope of getting a finisher’s tee (yes, it’s all about the tee, folks).  Who wants to join us as the other two runners?  Sign up with us now!

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