Our KONK verdict

So what do we have to say about our KONK experience, at the end of thirty days?

For a start, I installed KONK on top of the fridge since my kitchen is most susceptible to ants and other pests. It seemed to work well enough, but the most direct effects were observed when I aimed it at a trail of ants coming out from my food waste bin. When I next went to check on it an hour or so later, there was a scattering of ants who had keeled over, i.e. completely peng-san-ed, in the line of fire (RIP).

Then, I decided to shift it to my bathroom, since I recalled pummelling a couple of water gnats (those tiny little black flies with transparent wings) against the wall, the day before.

After one day, the bathroom I entered into was fragrant, and with zero gnats. SCORE.

As posted a few weeks ago, I couldn’t help but hope that they’d develop a handheld version that would readily fit into a handbag, so I could carry it with me wherever I went. Imagine being able to encase myself in a bubble of chrysanthemum scent, and more importantly, create a bug-free zone. Something like that would be so useful for odorous public toilets, don’t you think?

Or better still, to have it as an Eau de Toilette! Haha, a few sprays and you’re set for the day. Aura of invincibility – discernable only by insects who’ll quake at the first sniff of it.

Since that has yet to be produced, I decided to purchase the next best thing – the Handheld KONK. A 360ml can of power. Next stop, the car we share with our extended family. There have been sightings of baby cockroaches before, though those have diminished after we imposed a strict no food in the car rule. I heard that one customer thoroughly sprayed the interior of his car with it before leaving it to work overnight. The next day, carcasses of perished pests were littered about. Grim, but better dead in the open, than insidiously hiding, don’t you think?

Guess what we simply want to say is that our family found KONK really effective, not just for the eradication of ants that I specifically wanted it for, but also in keeping other pests away. A huge bonus remains in the fact that we can spray it anywhere cos it’s natural and safe. And and and, as I’ve mentioned before, I really like the scent *ditzy moment over*!

Cleaner homes make happy kids – how’s that for a campaign slogan?

The sole purveyors of KONK have revamped their website and there’s now a section with various blog reviews, including ours! Hop on over if you’d like to get your very own dose today!

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