Our first time at Rokeby

It was a pleasant evening when we decided to check out Rokeby for the first time.

It’s located on a street that has livened up with increasingly popular eateries lately. Residents are less thrilled due to parking congestion issues. 

 Australian-style gourmet bistro…
Relaxed feel

Loved this nook

The food was delightfully yummy.

My risotto was flavourful and done just right

Seafood pasta – one of the tastiest I’ve tried

HUGE fish (that came on a bed of chips)

The play area was tiny, but just by having it is a sweet welcoming gesture to families. There were plastic cooking toys and play food, colouring sheets and colour pencils, as well as some wooden toys.

Little play area

After dinner, since it was still light, we strolled to the playground at the back of the row of shophouses and K had a carefree swing. B went to tackle the sandpit playground, impressing her grandpa in the process. 
Pleasant evening!

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