Otto locanda – great Italian

A colleague’s birthday! We decided to splash out and treat her to Otto Ristorante at Red Dot. But being disorganised busy, we neglected to make reservations. They were full when we arrived, so… we had to backpedal to Otto Locando 5 mins away. 
Mozzarella and ham on a bed of rocket. 
This was supposed to be fresh tiger prawns with homemade pasta. I asked if they could change it to spaghetti since I wasn’t a fan of the texture of homemade pasta. The spaghetti was divine. Al dente-d to perfection. Best I’ve had in a year I think. 
My friends marvelled at how sweet the cherry tomatoes were. They packed a punch of fresh honeyed burst with no tangy hint. 
The set meal came with a choice of the dessert of the day, a Dolci comprising creme caramel layered with dark chocolate sauce.  That sounded great but a tad heavy, so I opted for the gelati instead.  The final choice was a sorbet.  The gelati turned out to be a very pleasing coffee flavoured one, which aptly gave me a caffeine boost.  Most of my friends had the mango sorbet topped with raspberries.
The second best part of the meal for me (after the amazing pasta I could eat on its own), was the crunchy and not-too-sweet peach slices that they offered on the house, together with chocolate coated almonds.  

It was just So Good to have a meal of this quality, once in a while. I’d gladly eat from the hawker centre for 2 weeks for this. 

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