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We received a lovely package from Original Sprout recently for review, and guess what’s peeking out from the box? We’ll introduce them in turn, but first a little bit about Original Sprout’s products.

Their tagline is “Worry-Free Luxury”, which is apt because you can slather these products over babies and kids without wondering if it contains harsh chemicals that will cause irritation to their delicate skin. The entire range has no parabens and no petroleum oils.  For those with allergies to gluten, soy or dairy, good news! It contains none of those too. Rare indeed is the product that is 100% Vegan.


It all sounds very wholesome, but does it smell terribly natural? Well, the scent of Original Sprout products is one of the best things about it!  I’d say the folks who formulated the scent have really outdone themselves – they deserve an award, really.

There is just something about it that is unlike anything I’ve ever come across. A wonderful mix of freshness and gentle fragrance. It must boil down to their secret concoction comprising Calendula flower, Rosemary leaf, Cranberry fruit, Amica flower and Cucumber fruit!

So how did we find their products upon use?


The kids enjoyed the Hair and Body Babywash ($25), which was moisturising and so convenient cos you can use it from head to toe. Personally, I found the Natural Shampoo ($25) a bit hard to lather up, though it is especially gentle on eyes, so no worries if your kid is sensitive about foam getting on their face.

For us, the star of the collection was the Deep Conditioner ($16.90). My 7 year old has very dry and frizzy hair (inherited from yours truly), and the conditioner was strong enough to make a marked difference as we layered it onto her hair. It rinses off easily too, and her hair felt so silky smooth during the rinse! Although all the products smell similar, I felt that this smelled the best. *deep whiff*

After her hair dries, the Miracle Detangler ($16.90) does its magic to keep her hair from getting into knots. It can be used on slightly damp or totally dry hair, and is a good partner to our detangling brush.


My 4 year old, on the other hand, has dry hands and feet. So the Scrumptious Baby Cream ($16.90) came in really handy to moisturise her ankles, toes, even knees and elbows. It is so mild that it can be used on the face too, yet effective enough to retain moisure. Sometimes, when my four year old gets really terrible growing pains in her knee joints, I use it as a massage cream as well. (Does your kid experience these pains too? I’d really like to know how best to deal with it – it’s so painful that it makes her cry pitifully, poor dear.)


There you have it! The stars of the Original Sprout range. I think it’s telling that this brand was founded by a mother (Inga Tritt, born in Germany, raised and now based in California), borne out of her concern for her child’s sensitive skin and hair. She is also a master hair stylist, which must be why her hair products work so well.


Apart from being available online from the sole distributor (free delivery with purchases of $60 and above), Original Sprout products are now stocked at Watson’s, KiddyPalace, BHG and motherswork.


Given how the products are especially mild and gentle, they make for a perfect gift for new mums and babes. Baby’s First Bath ($29.90) – nicely packaged as above – is now available at all Kiddy Palace stores, for a limited period.

Have you tried Original Sprout’s products and do you love them too? Let me know!

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