Orchid Extravaganza at Gardens by the Bay

In honour of National Day, what better flowers to deck the Flower Dome with, than orchids?


There were some 12,000 orchid plants on display, fittingly so since the orchid is the world’s most diverse botanical family. Did you know that it grows on almost every continent? I didn’t! Always saw it as a tropical flower.

There are more species of orchids in the world than the number of bird species and mammal species! Not surprising since more and more hybrids are bred every year. I always thought it fascinating that orchid breeders were so successful in creating cross-breeds between different species, and naming them after friends and family. It’s now a tradition for Singapore to honour foreign dignitaries with a special new orchid breed named after them – talk about floral diplomacy!



There is something special about the structure of an orchid. Each bloom typically has an outer whorl of three sepals, an inner whorl of three petals, and a single large column (the gynostemium, composed of the male stamens attached to the female pistil) in the center.

An orchid can look so delicate, with each petal spread out like a ballerina’s limbs (as opposed to the sturdy make-up of a tightly knit rose, for instance) and yet, when you touch them, they feel like one of the hardiest petals in creation.


And the orchids above and below are both in my favourite hue, similar yet so different, don’t you think?

And did you know that the labellum, or the lower lip of the orchid, is a landing platform for its pollinator, which could be a bee or butterfly, I guess!


The placement of orchids was designed by (and aptly so) Singaporean garden landscape designer Alan Tan. Look at the beautiful riot of colour below!


Just makes you want to belt out some National Day songs!


Orchids are famous as hanging plants, as the blooms beautifully cascade down, making it a lovely decoration for every corridor or balcony. And the Gardens display showcased that wonderfully in the photo above, with cascades of purple and white plunging down from above.



Gardens by the Bay 

Flower Dome

Date: 22 July to 28 August 2016
Time: 9am to 9pm
Location: 18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

Tickets to the Flower Dome are $12 for adults, and $8 for children and senior citizens (above age 60). More ticketing details can be found here.


How to get there by MRT

Alight at Bayfront, walk through an airconditioned underpass, then walk for about 10 minutes through the gardens to the Flower Dome.

More information on getting to the Gardens can be found here.




Note: Thank you Gardens by the Bay, for the family pass!

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