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Most kids prob have no idea what cassette tapes are now.

We were wondering where to eat on Saturday evening, when the hubs said, how about checking out what there is on Upper Thomson, since we were going to be in that area? So we searched online and found mention of this cafe called Old School Delights. I remember reading about it once, and feeling really keen to eat there then. So off we went.

It turned out to be a really enjoyable meal *good call hubs!* at this cosy eatery, tucked in the middle of a long row of shophouses at the Thomson Ridge estate.


 The scrapbooker in me was instantly drawn to the menu, which was very well designed! Even every interior page looked like it was pored over for ages by a digital scrapbooker.

I made reservations about half an hour ahead of time, and when we arrived, we were instantly ushered to Table Number 1, near the entrance, which was perfect for us, since it was a little quieter, and offered a great view of the awesome decor.

open kitchen at back

At the top of this photo is the kitchen. Quite cool if you think about how the cooks have a bird’s eye view of the customers and how they are enjoying the food! Also in the photo is K, fiddling around with her toy purse (note the orange compact), which a friend just gave to her.


 The children’s cutlery served in an old school “canteen” and our warm homemade barley in a good-sized jar – love having beverages in such jars!  Used to get them at HK cafes.


  We ordered chicken macaroni soup for the girls to share. A very friendly lady (whom we later found out was Olivia, aka the lady boss) came over to let us know that the soup was made with chicken broth that was boiled for 2 hours, and that this dish, as with all others served there, had no MSG, so she hoped the children would like it. And indeed they did! B kept asking for more, and K ate almost half the whole bowl. We were so pleased. The hubs and I stole a good bit of soup from the bowl too, heh heh.

I ordered one of the specials of the day – Hor Fun.  Was good – tasted home cooked and simple. I really enjoyed the homemade belacan with lime – reminds me of peranakan food, for some reason!

The hubs ordered his favorite hainanese cutlet, but I was the beneficiary of most of it after he decided that he didn’t quite like the sauce drizzled over the cutlet. It tasted great to me!

Just for the record. *burp*  ’nuff said.

We were made to feel so extremely welcome by Olivia, who made sure we were not too lost once she found out that it was our first time here. She thoughtfully arranged for the kids to have bowls instead of plates when she realized they were having the macaroni soup, and chatted with us and the kids like we were special guests at her home. (She also looked familiar but I couldn’t quite place her!)

It was so sweet of her to grace the children with a packet of merlion cookies, since it was our first visit. Hubs and I had never even come across such merlion biscuits! Maybe they were before our time (haha, not likely). And they tasted good! We bought a packet of the familiar little oval biscuits with multicolored candied tops later, which K also enjoyed (yes, it’s the pure sugar that she goes for). She had a good time asking, what colour do you want? And dishing out colours to B and us.

I had to explain to K when she said it’s a fish with a tail. Urm, yes but it has a lion’s head yah? It’s called a merlion. When she’s older I’ll go into what I really think of this bizarre mythical symbol that the Singapore Tourism Board adopted in days of yore.

Some more glimpses of the effort taken into detailing the “old school” days.

It’s a homey sincere little place, with simple yummy fare, and we’ll definitely be back again. Spread the word!

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