Not such a happy concert

We went for the SSO Babies Prom this year, after thoroughly enjoying ourselves last year. I was really looking forward to it, and made a note of the ticket purchase opening date for lesser mortals (i.e. non Friends of the SSO) like us. But I forgot to stay up till midnight to get better tickets, so by the time I remembered, and a friend helped to get into the website, there were only about 30 or so seats left per session! Nonetheless we managed to get alright seats…

It was a festive atmosphere in the foyer as usual, with balloon sculptures being distributed, and tons of cute kids around. We settled down to our seats and the orchestra soon entered in their colour coordinated outfits, led by the efferverscent conductor, Uncle Peter Moore!

I really enjoyed the pieces they played, and the opportunity for toddlers and children to see an orchestra “live”.

Unfortunately, the girls decided to bawl halfway through the concert! B was probably tired from missing her morning nap, and refused to stop wailing.  K caught the tantrum bug and started asking to leave too!  Thankfully, it was a kiddy concert and there were a couple of other kids wailing, so we weren’t glared down to bits.

Eventually, I brought B out and K calmed down towards the end. But we had enough – after such awful behaviour, I told K that there would be no more concert for her next year. Much as I enjoy this event, I will be sticking to that punishment. 

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