Night out at the Kampung

I recently blogged a shout-out about the Charity Blitz that was happening at the Kampung.  Our little family made our way there on a Sunday evening, and had a really meaningful time strolling around and soaking in the atmosphere. 

It’s a homey little place. Not all the stalls were open, and it’s not quite the typical bustling hawker centre.  But I really liked what it stood for. And we came wanting to drop in our two pennies worth of love.

Thought this was a very striking visual display. These vintage chests are for sale!

Fion wasn’t there, but we had a lovely time browsing… They have a bookshelf from which I selected five books, and dropped a freewill donation into the tin can (see if you can spot it near the middle of the pix), which will go towards topping up the EZ-Link cards of needy kids.  We were impressed at how securely the tin can was fastened, heh heh.

Our book haul – the girls loved them (ok maybe not the junk food one yet)!

Great posters and pictures.  We saw a table enjoying the steamboat too. (Eventually, we ourselves ate at another social enterprise on the ground floor shophouse row, and that was so super I’m going to blog about it soon too!)

We got the girls some of their favourite fruit juice. They were chuffed to have a cup each, to be able to choose the fruit, and not have to share for once, haha.

There are stalls scattered throughout selling new and pre-loved items. I got a pocket-sized magnetic aeroplane game for the girls, and a really lovely satin scrunchie with some bling for myself.

There were two bands playing that night – one crooning familiar oldies, and another (pictured above) playing Christian music. It really livened the atmosphere to have “live” music reverberating through the hawker centre. We tarried at the latter, to show support.

Tasty Treats Cafe 

We sat down with our juices, and got the kids Jello, and a yummy pineapple cake from the stall above. The lady running the stall then, came to chat with us, and we had a wonderful conversation.  The stall helps female former inmates try their hand at running a small enterprise.

The people who keep such stalls, and indeed the entire hawker centre going, indeed have hearts of gold. There are many challenges they face, but they are not giving up!

There were also booths featuring various charitable organizations, from Action for Aids to groups like Mercy Teams International.  I read up on what they do, and who they are, and am really inspired by their work, and their heart for the under-privileged in the region.

Our society is one where everyone tries to get ahead.  Coffee shop conversations are all about business, making money, succeeding in life. Rare are the moments dedicated towards consideration for the less fortunate, those who need second chances in life, those who have suffered in life. So an initiative like is heartening indeed, and shows that there are Singaporeans who do care about others, who believe in this enough to devote their time and money there, possibly because they believe that this world is not all there is to life.

We left with our spirits refreshed. Do head down this coming weekend, if you’d like a meaningful experience beyond the usual food and shopping at malls!  The Charity Blitz is on till 29th September.

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