New Ubin Seafood Hillview review

We were quite a fan of New Ubin Seafood when they were at their previous Sin Ming venue. Ever since they moved Hillview, we haven’t visited. However, we recently did and here’s a look at their new digs.

Located in the Lam Soon Industrial Building, New Ubin took over the previous canteen area on the 6th floor. To park, go up the long steep ramp, and you’ll find yourself on the 6th floor carpark. Very convenient, since you can just park steps away from the main entrance of the restaurant.

I like the fact that New Ubin has always been located in quirky spaces, not run-of-the-mill seafood restaurant spaces. I suppose much of this has to do with not being held ransom to crazy-shopping-mall-rent, which only goes to enrich those large land-holding conglomerates.

Would be a sad day if New Ubin should move to one of those shiny bright malls, and lose much of its character. For now, its new location retains much of its old feel, with a large al fresco area (hopefully the savings on aircon translates to slower hikes in menu prices) and a small indoor aircon area.

For now, you can help yourself to some water if there’s a queue… with a forest view……

It’s nice that so much of the old decor was simply brought over and re-used.

The collage on the right wall is particularly interesting, tracing the four previous locations of the eatery, from Pulau Ubin, to Keppel, to Punggol/6th Ave, then Sin Ming.

And here, an entire wall on National Service and the Singapore Armed Forces.

Outside, there is a large kitchen area and long bar counter.

The usual fairy lights…

We had the beef as usual… rather pricey – beef plus wedges and fried rice alone came up to $84! Delicious, but pricey.

As we walked around, most tables were indulging in New Ubin’s famous crabs and seafood…… yummeh. And in case you are wondering why almost everyone seems to have ordered lime juice (as pictured below), that’s because they will give you a free lime juice if you ‘check in’ to their Facebook Page. Great marketing technique if you ask me!

For the first time, I noticed posters around the restaurant in support of SingLit, publicising Gwee Li Sui’s works. There was also this book corner at the main entrance, with SingLit for browsing as you wait. Perhaps the family who runs this business has some SingLit authors among its members?


The food is still as good as before, and certainly worth a visit!
New Ubin Seafood Hillview

Address: 63 Hillview Avenue, Level 6 (Canteen)
Tel: 6466 9558 / 9740 6870
Opening hours: 11am – 230pm (lunchtime everyday except Mondays)
530pm – 10pm (dinner everyday)

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