New (Supper) Man on the Block

Patronised this new eatery a couple of times… Fusion food tends to be a little strange, but this place does it quite well.

As depicted below, thus far I’ve tried the prawn tom yum risotto, tangy sauce fish chunks, and seafood laksa spaghetti.

Tom yum risotto
Fish with tangy sauce
Seafood laksa spaghetti

They offer a wide selection of more than 10 sides, ranging from popcorn chicken, baked baby potatoes, mesclun salad, onion rings, potato wedges, coleslaw to the truffle fries depicted below. 
Truffle fries

The key attraction of this place is probably its value-for-money. The whole shebang of a main, a side, a dessert and a drink (choose from iced latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, to iced peach tea or lime juice) costs about 16 on average when you order before 1230 on weekdays. 
They do pay attention to their food, and the plates and bowls they use are quite visually pleasing. Even the cutlery is out of the ordinary, with an interesting heft. 
Caramel lava chocolate cake

All in all, a pretty decent new kid on the block. F&B is a tough industry these days, what with rental rates bordering on the unreasonable if not extortionist. 

This is not gourmet cuisine with lots of finesse, but it’s good enough for the price.  Long may SupperMan last. 

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