National Museum- Children’s Season 2017

It was a bit underwhelming this year, but we still appreciated having a cool place to visit and ponder some art.

The Giant

Bottles of stuff


The usual colouring and tactile parts

We liked this puppet theatre quite a bit!


The controversial reverse dome net

So there was so much complaining amongst other parents online about how children were not allowed to clamber around this reverse dome net.

The girls followed instructions and had a good time just relaxing and contemplating the beautiful stained glass dome. So I think it was a bit much of an ado about nothing, since hey, you can’t let kids roam like monkeys on a fragile structure like this! I know it’s Children’s Season but if you can’t abide by the rules, then just skip the exhibit. Simple. Period. *rant over*


Magical moving scenes dark room


The best ice-cream sandwiches ever, thanks to the generosity of their grand aunt.

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