Nanyang Optical’s Project Junior – high quality lenses for kids with myopia

We made a pair of spectacles for K at Nanyang Optical recently. They have a Project Junior program, specially tailored for children.

We were welcomed by Anthony, who was both friendly and knowledgeable. He took K through the steps of assessing her eyesight patiently and professionally.

Here he is, sussing out K’s degree, to see whether it has increased since her last optometrist visit.

Then he subsequently conducted a colour deficiency test, or what we more commonly call a test for colour blindness.

Here she is taking a walk around the shop to see if her new lens degree is comfortable (or whether the floor floats up and the like). And comfortable they were!

Project Junior uses “MyoVision” lenses by Zeiss. If the name sounds familiar, it is because Carl Zeiss is a German manufacturer of camera lenses!


Why is MyoVision special? 

Well, it is the world’s first “Peripheral Vision Management Technology lens” that helps to slow down myopia progression due to its engineering precision.

A 2010 clinical study came up with these statistically significant results. Via a 12-month wearer efficacy trial amongst 210 Chinese school children, MyoVision lenses resulted in a reduction in the progression of myopia by an average of 30% in a subgroup of 19 younger children (6 to 12 years old) with at least one myopic parent.

Specifically, as explained below, MyoVision lenses are shaped such that it moves the peripheral image on or in front of the retina, instead of behind the retina, as other ordinary lenses do.


Why is this important?

It is important because normal lenses that do not project peripheral images accurately on the retina cause the eye to elongate, thus worsening myopia. MyoVision lenses reduce the progression of eye elongation, thus slowing down the deterioration of one’s eyesight.

I find this especially important for children, since I’ve heard of alarming speeds of myopia progression, on the scale of a few hundred degrees each year for a child between age 6 to age 8.


Eyelet Junior 

Nanyang Optical pairs Project Junior with their “Made in Japan” line of trendy frames for kids, called “Eyelet Junior”.

Apart from the wide variety of frame colours and designs seen above, there are also two types of replaceable nose bridge rests for the Eyelet Junior range of frames, so you can pick the one that is best suited to your child’s features.

After K chose her mottled blue frames from the new SKATE range, Anthony patiently took measurements to make sure that they would fit well.


The Project Junior program comes with a helpful info card that explains what myopia is to kids, and how best to slow down its progression. I think this is great, because when kids understand the physical science behind what causes myopia, they are more likely to be able to own their condition, and are likely to take more responsibility for their own eye health.

Reading about how to care for their eyes themselves sure beats having a parent nag incessantly.

It also comes with an eye chart that you can put up at home, to conduct self-tests regularly, by standing 3 metres away!


Within 2 weeks, the spectacles were ready! The Eyelet Junior range comes with complimentary accessories that you can use to jazz up the side of your frames too. Sure makes spectacle-wearing that much more fun.

And here she is, very pleased with her new pair of specs!


Whilst the $495 pricetag of Zeiss MyoVision lenses with Eyelet Junior frames is heftier than usual, if you have concerns about your child’s rapidly worsening eyesight, this is probably a very worthwhile investment. Other popular methods of controlling the progression of myopia these days can easily go into thousands of dollars!

You can also enquire at Nanyang Optical on whether they have any ongoing promotions, that could cut the price down by 10%-40%!

In my interaction with Nanyang Optical’s optometrists Anthony and Boon Leong, I found them very knowledgeable on all aspects of optometry. I especially appreciated their views on Ortho-K lenses (which I have been hearing about quite a bit lately) and the difference between what Nanyang Optical offers versus other mass market spectacle shops.

It’s definitely worth getting a trusted optometrist to fit your child out with their pair of spectacles, for better eye health in the long run!


Nanyang Optical 


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Note: Thanks Nanyang Optical for the invite to review the Project Junior Program and the pair of Eyelet Junior spectacles!

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