My Papa’s Toys

Here are my Papa’s toys. My Nai Nai kept them so well (more than 30 years now!), so B and I have been able to play with them every weekend!

Impressive range!
The bell looks really tarnished but still tinkles when you drag the fire engine along!
Proud firemen
1975 – Made in England
Female pilot! Mama put her there cos her hair looks like a helmet.


“Funny Flyer” this is called – made in England.

Mama and Papa were quite amazed that these toys were made in England – how rare is that these days?  And though they are plastic, it was certainly good quality plastic, to have lasted so long, instead of having cracked with so much use…

I love the trains – the driver has a black hat!


B having a go…

Mama says some toys are ageless – even B loves pottering about with them.

“Chuggy Chuffer” and “Chuffer Coach” – both made in Singapore

Papa was thrilled that these were made in Singapore too!  Wow – so much history in just a few simple train carriages.

A pull-along boat – seats 5!

Someone took the trouble to “name” each toy too. This one is called the “Family Ferry Boat” – simple yet quaint names!

I love how it’s called the “Family Ferry Boat”


Us girls and our inherited tug-toys


This huge Playmobil fire engine was handed down to my daddy from his older cousin

Uncle Chye still remembers playing with this truck – he’s a few years older than Papa, so this fire engine must be the grand-daddy of all the toys here! 

It has an awesomely tall ladder, which extends when you turn the red knob up on the midsection of the ladder… Really spacious fire engine too – seats 6 firemen.

The grey doors on each side actually open like spacious drawers!

Mummy says that we’ll try to keep these for my kids, or for B’s kids.  If neither of us have kids, surely these precious toys can make it into a toy museum some day!

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  2 comments for “My Papa’s Toys

  1. February 6, 2013 at 3:01 am

    Love love love these old toys! I must do a post on my toys too! hehehehe…

  2. pc
    February 6, 2013 at 5:26 am

    This is AWESOME~! Made in England some more! You and the girls are the luckiest kids;).

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