Mrs Pho House

We had an extended family meal at Mrs Pho House recently. Tucked away somewhere near Balestier Road, this eatery specialises in seafood with a Vietnamese slant.

Loved the interesting decor, and the elements that evoked Vietnam.

We had quite a number of dishes but I only managed to take photos of these. Was too busy trying to get food onto the plates of the girls, and trying to eat some myself.

This was the Bahn Xeo, Vietnamese crepe with prawns, pork and crunchy bean sprouts folded inside. I used to think it was the french kind of crepe when I saw it in Vietnam, but it really is a crepe made mostly of egg.

We also had the Spring Roll, Wing Man (amazingly delicious fried chicken wings), an assortment of Pho (the Crab Meat noodle broth was the BEST), and their famous Mrs Pho Cockles. The claypot was chock full! The pork lard and garlic made it really yummy, and I ate a lot of this dish, burp.

We also tried the Love You Long Time La La, which was steamed in lemongrass, and liberally doused with crushed peanuts.

We had a great time, and polished off all the food. We also tried the Pork Chop, Chicken Chop and Mamma’s Pork Belly, all of which was pretty good.

The staff were almost all Vietnamese, and they were very attentive and friendly. My favourite part of Mrs Pho House has got to be these bamboo screens! Super gorgeous.

If you are in search of good quality Vietnamese food in an interesting fresh ambience, would recommend hopping down to Mrs Pho House!


Mrs Pho House
221 Rangoon Road
Tel: 9173 1083

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