MOLUK toys from Switzerland, at Little Llama

Little Llama, an innovative local online store has recently brought in MOLUK, a series of Swiss award-winning toys. Founded by a husband and wife team, Little Llama has a great ethos – that children should be encouraged to engage in open-ended play, since it is through free play that young children develop an understanding of the world around them. And MOLUK toys facilitate just that.

At ages 8 and 5 respectively, K and B love make-believe and come up with elaborate stories to act out. With simple and minimalistic props, they can play for hours on end, scripting and rehearsing hilarious scenarios (that I overhear when I manage to place myself in an unobtrusive position).

So, they were delighted when I introduced them to the Bilibo Game Box and the Plui Rain Cloud, which were kindly sent to us for review. Both toys are very simple, yet very fascinating.


bilibo 2

The Bilibo Game Box ($39.90) includes 6 Mini Bilibos in bright shades, a customisable die (centre of photo above) and 36 colour chips.

After they excitedly opened the Bilibo Game Box, the kids immediately created this little game where you throw the die to be ‘allocated’ a colour, then each person takes turns to shake the closed shell comprising two bilibos (which fit perfectly together), and the person on the right ‘draws a tile’. The colour is ‘one point’ to whoever holds the same coloured bilibos shell!

I think this simple game box has a winning combination – the numerous little tiles are exactly what children love. My kids used to play ‘cooking’ with them, and pretend they are pieces of ice used to fill cups and such, pouring them from one container to another.

I particularly liked the ‘customisable die’ that came with the Bilibo Game Box, since it means that you can make up your own games and rules having a die with just 2 colours, or up to 6 colours, as you fancy! A good way to teach probability, if Game Theory is your cup of tea.

View the video below to see the interesting array of games this set lends itself to.

Next, we started exploring the Plui Rain Cloud ($16.90). I love the uber cute yet clean design of this (deserves an award, if you ask me). It looks like a very simple plastic toy, but is actually PVC-Free; Phthalate-free and BPA-free. It’s simplicity belies the endless fascination it brings!



It’s a super fun way to learn the basic principles of physics. As the Rain Cloud is immersed under water, bubbles emerge. “Why mummy?” they ask. “Air is escaping from side in the cloud, and being displaced by water that is entering.”

They soon learn that covering or uncovering the little ‘air vent’ atop the Rain Cloud abruptly stops or releases “rain”. Although this is not quite how rain is formed (sorry Geog teachers), it is certainly a great way to learn about how some vessels require air vents to release liquid.

If you have kids who are resistant to bath time, this fun bath toy will definitely change things around. It feels like magic. And here the two girls are, describing how this fun toy works.

Little Llama are the sole distributors of MOLUK toys in Singapore. All the toys on their site are carefully curated to enhance child-directed learning and development, especially from the viewpoint of co-founder Joan, who is a professional Speech and Language Therapist.

If you’re looking for a durable toy that is made of high quality, child-safe materials, to encourage creativity and to fuel a child’s imagination, look no further! Have fun surfing around Little Llama – they have a good write-up on the power of open-ended play, as well as insightful articles on learning on their blog.



Thanks to Little Llama, 2 loyal readers stand to win either a Plui Rain Cloud ($16.90) or a Yellow Plui Rainball ($16.90).

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[Update: The winners are Doris Lim and Robert Sim. Congratulations!]


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