Mission accomplished

A bunch of friends and fellow bloggers set out with a pretty high goal of making 500 cards to raise funds for a local charity.

And guess what? We met the goal!
Much thanksgiving, thus.

Spear-headed by the writers of Owls Well and Mum in the Making (who also kindly opened her home for card-churning sessions), the project was fun and most meaningful.
So many people kindly donated their spare stash (hoarders know the mountains this could accumulate to, and many were happy to pass stuff over for a good cause) and when there were large orders (100+ cards to be made inn3 weeks!), others chipped in to help.
Some cards I made for to benefit this charity
Busy mums, us all, but there’s always time to show a little heart. And think of the many others who are in (even) more trying circumstances than us!
Was fun to craft with my two littles for this, and hopefully the thought behind it sinks in early.
The gift must go on. We’ve already planned Round Two! A yummier product, and another charity as beneficiary.
Looking forward already.

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