Merry Christmas with Love

Although festivities and merry-making resound around me this Christmas, I am in a somewhat sombre mood.

I just received news that a former colleague is critically ill, and these are likely to be his last days. Other friends and their families faced sudden health issues in the past weeks, and they have been in our thoughts and prayers.

The candles which have been lit during church service, one for every week during Advent.

It has reminded me again that what matters most in this life is not success as the world sees it, or wonderful families even. What matters most is having a right relationship with God.

Personally, I was about 13 years old, when I came to understand and realise that, from the creation of the world, to that very first Christmas, right until today, God’s plan was for us to be in a relationship with Him.

It was then that my life took on true meaning, and I knew that my worth was in how God valued me, and not how the world saw me. And how my future, for all eternity, will be a secure one.

Jesus’ coming, His death on the cross, His rising to life again… it was all to make it possible for us to be made right with God, no matter what our past is. We just need to be willing to have the Christ as Lord of our lives.

May this Christmas, be one that happens in your heart. Only then, will Christmas be truly Christmas, in all its joy and significance, for us all.

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