Marche 313 fun

This was a pleasant outing that I’d looked forward to for a while. The mums I’m meeting are special, partly because our firstborns are all born within a week of each other. Secondly, they are really lovely people, who I can be comfortable with, people who I don’t need to second-guess, people who inspire me as a mum.

Put K into a hand-sewn dress some friends bought from a charity-shop in Burma (one of them was born there but is now Singaporean and never refers to it as Myanmar – a bid not to recognise the legitimacy of the ruling military government or its authority to rename the country)

Walking down the steps to the new Marche reminded me quite a bit of the old Heeren Marche, which I used to frequent as a student. If I remember correctly, there was also a Marche at Centrepoint once? So it was a bit nostalgic.  We had a wonderfully cosy nook all to ourselves and the place was nice and empty for the first half of our stay.

There was a little play area, stocked with great wooden toys. Including a track that little N had such a great time at.  At the far end of this photo, you can glimpse a rocking horse for littler ones and a small table-chair set.

K absolutely LOVED the little play area.  R and Aunty Y showed and taught her how to rock the fireman pole, and she did it over and over and over again!  The proud look of achievement on her face was priceless.  Something that so warms a mother’s heart.

The food was not bad too.  WAFFLES!! With a very generous serving of sweet crunchy fresh strawberries and chocolate.

Thereafter, the 3 kids had such fun running amok at a large-ish clothing shop the mummies visisted.  They were really playing with one another this time, as opposed to mostly playing in parallel since they started meeting (before they even turned 6 months haha)

We shopped around a bit more after the others left.  It was nice mother-child one -on-one bonding time, which is rare  these days.  I did mean to bring baby B, but she had a bad tummy that day (brought her to see the doc that morning)  so thought it best to let her rest at home.

On the way home, K pretended to “read” her dinosaur book but was in fact making up all sorts of long crazy stories about various domesticated dinosaurs visiting each other and gently berating each other for interesting minor transgressions.  It was so amusing I took a video for posterity too!

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