MacRitchie morning and a Fitbit Giveaway!

It was a bright and beautiful morning, when we embarked on a 10 km trek around MacRitchie Reservoir. I am so thankful that hazy days seem well and truly over for now; really cherish the fresh air.

We were sent a Fitbit Charge HR and a Fitbit Flex for review recently, and have been loving them! So it was only apt that we brought our Fitbits out for a spin this morning, to clock new fitness milestones.


The hubs and I had arranged to meet with a good friend who does these treks regularly, and it was so pleasant to chat as we brisk-walked. Conversations about faith, about exercise, about life…… Makes the journey so much less arduous.


The interesting thing about this trail is that it’s so varied – from even boardwalks, to undulating ups and downs amidst rainforest tree roots; from narrow paths, to wide broad gravel trails, and even open paved roads next to a golf course.

What I really appreciated was the canopy cover we had most of the time – as the sun rose, we still felt very cool because of the ample shade. Such a wonderful way to have a good workout – in the great outdoors, yet shielded from the brunt of the sun’s rays.



We encountered many joggers, but we decided to walk instead of run in this rugged terrain. Less risk of falls and unnecessary injuries. Also less breathlessness, and more time to soak in the sights. It was such a beautiful morning, that I stopped many times to take photos.

park8 park9


There’s such a sense of accomplishment to have completed more than 10km, albeit at a leisurely pace. What added an element of fun to the long walk fun was the fact that the hubs and I had started a friendly competition on our Fitbits!


So what were the results of our competition? The hubs (being an ex-full marathon finisher) decided that he wanted to run the last leg of the MacRitchie trail, so he took off and completed a longer distance in a shorter time.

Here’s the final reckoning, as seen on our Fitbit app dashboards.


So yeah, he won this time, having completed 13.62 km since the start of the day, as compared to my 11.37 km.

From the dashboards, it’s easy to see the differences between the “flex” and the “charge HR”.

For the “flex” (app dashboard on the left), it is one of the first generation fitbits, and thus measures the basics – steps, distance, calories and sleep quality.

As for the “charge HR” (app dashboard on the right), it is one of the newest products by Fitbit, released in 2015. Apart from everything the “flex” measures, the “charge HR” measures continuous Heart Rate (HR), the number of flights of stairs, and automatically detects and measures sleep (with the “flex” you have to tap “start sleep log” on the app, or indicate the hours that you were asleep).

The hubs might have won the MacRitchie morning contest, in terms of steps and distance, but look who won the Weekend Warrior challenge! *fist pump*  It’s added fun, that the app allows you to issue challenges to other ‘friends’ on Fitbit too.


I think the best part about owning a Fitbit is how motivating it is. Its makers have certainly understood human psychology well. I find myself taking the stairs instead of the escalator, to clock more steps towards the “recommended average” of 10,000 (all Fitbits give a happy buzz and light up when you hit your daily step goal). The hubs has even climbed up 7 storeys instead of taking the lift, to clock more floors!

The Fitbit app does a great job in the motivation department, by awarding “badges” with cute names such as “Urban Boot” and “Happy Hill” (bottom right picture).


The other thing I love about the Fitbit is how it tracks sleep quality. It’s really interesting that the Fitbit can monitor restlessness during sleep, and shows in a graph when in the night you were wakeful (thin blue lines on bottom left line graphs).

Having had access to both the “flex” and the “charge HR”, here’s how I feel they compare.


I really like the very sleek look of the “flex”, and the fact that there are accessory wristbands in my favourite colours (S$39 for the pack above) that I can use interchangeably – just pop out the tiny tracker (small black bit in bottom right photo), and voila – a different colour for the weekend. Recently, they partnered Tory Burch to launch these cool designer bracelets ((bottom left picture) that you can pop a “flex” tracker into! So, the flex really appeals to the vainpot in me.


However, I’d say that if you have a slightly higher budget, the “charge HR” (S$218) is definitely the Fitbit to get.

The most distinctive difference is that the “charge HR” has an LED display, so you can use it as a watch. With every tap, it then displays the number of steps, distance covered, heart rate etc. You can also activate Caller ID, so when someone calls your phone, the fitbit subtly vibrates, and the caller’s name appears on the fitbit screen, so you don’t have to worry about missing important calls if your phone is not right next to you.


Both the “flex” and the “charge HR” can be used as a morning alarm, but the “charge HR” buzzes much more subtly, whilst being firm enough to rouse me from sleep. The “flex” buzzes a bit too vigorously and tends to jolt me awake instead.

The “charge HR” still looks sleek (not as ‘chunky’ as the “Surge” which really is an all-out smart watch), and comes in 5 colours (black, plum, blue, tangerine, teal). I wish I chose the plum coloured one! But alas, it was meant for the hubs, and black does work best for all days of the week, whether in the office or out.

But whatever fitbit we’ve been wearing, it has made us so motivated to “keep on movin'”. And now that the skies have cleared up, it’s a great time to start getting active and hitting those fitness goals again!

The time of year-end bonuses is coming, and I think there are few better gifts to get a loved one than something that spurs them on to greater fitness and health.

If you’d like to get your hands on a Fitbit right now, there are numerous official retailers in Singapore, including Popular Bookstore, Courts and Mustafa. Happy shopping!



The good folks at Fitbit are giving away a red Fitbit flex (worth S$148) to one loyal blog reader (residing in Singapore)!

To enter, complete at least steps 1-2 below:

  1. Like Fitbit Singapore’s FB Page and LilBlueBottle’s Facebook Page
  2. Like this Facebook post, and leave a comment there with:
    a) your email address;
    b) tag 4 friends; and
    c) tell us what fitness goal you are working towards.
  3. [Bonus entry] Repost this Instagram post [with hashtag #lbbfitbithave noted all reposts before this addition on 17 Nov at 8am] and follow Little Blue Bottle on Instagram.

The giveaway ends on 2359 hrs on 30 Nov 2015, and winners will be informed via email, on self-collection arrangements. The usual terms and conditions apply. All the best!


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Congratulations to Jamie Chaw on winning this fitbit flex!



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  1. November 22, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    Joined the giveaway! I never knew about the alarm function on the Fitbit and it also helps to track your sleep pattern too.
    Susan recently posted…Cirque du Soleil returns to Singapore with TotemMy Profile

    • November 23, 2015 at 2:23 pm

      Yes, I think those make it much more than a step tracker! Thanks for participating! 🙂

  2. Ken
    November 28, 2015 at 2:49 pm

    Beautiful Blog!!The images are just awesome and the fitbits in different colors are amazing. Anyone who would win that red fitbit flex will have a perfect Christmas gift… Thanks for sharing it…

  3. Muhammad Irfan Bin Mohamed Noor
    November 30, 2015 at 11:45 pm

    Done all steps ! My fitness goal is to attain Silver or Gold for my IPPT ! You guys rock ! Thanks very much and have a nice week ahead ! 😉😊😀 *keeping my fingers crossed and praying hard* Facebook Name : Irfan Ozil

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