Lost My Name – book review

Almost-four year old B was thrilled to learn that a personalised book had come in the mail, all the way from the UK, just for her!  Look at the excitement on that face!

IMG_7057The brown cardboard packaging (see above) was super cute too, and certainly builds up the anticipation and delight as a child unwraps the book. I was very impressed when I read that this book was the brainchild of 3 dads and an uncle – hurrah for involved fathers and the doting uncle who devoted so much of their energy to producing such a special book.

Did you know that they pipped Julia Donaldson to the title of “The UK’s number 1 best-selling kids’ picture book in 2014”? Well done, folks! I do agree that it’s one of the best picture books we own, not to mention the best personalised book I’ve come across.


B started flipping through it, and was mesmerised by the illustrations. I think the full page, full colour drawings are wonderful myself, and some of the best I’ve seen in a children’s picture book!

IMG_7058I liked the font too, which is quirky and interesting, whilst still being very easy to read, and aesthetically pleasant.

IMG_7033The unique feature of this book, of course, is the fact that it’s personalised. A little girl has lost her name, and sets off on an adventure, where she meets magical talking creatures, some of whom happily dispel stereotypes (we love the posh troll).  After getting past their own sorrows, they often offer this poor little girl some help in slowly piecing her own name back together. Every child is simply going to love having a book that is her very own.

IMG_7034I read the book to her, and we love how it’s set in rhyme –  that always adds so much fun to a book, especially when read aloud. Its quality rhymes tickle, as well as fire off the imagination.  In some sense, the entire book is sheer poetry, isn’t it?

IMG_7046I thought it was super cool that this was an indie-book that was totally self-published. Without the backing of large publishing houses, it just means that so much more work needs to go into every step of bringing this book from its draft, into the hands of children all around the world. So, a big pat on the back to everyone who’s been a part of producing this high quality book.  It might just look like a simple soft-cover book, but any project that draws parent and child closer as they step into the same fantasy world, is simply precious. What a meaningful effort!


At SGD$39.99 (inclusive of worldwide shipping), it’s pricier than most books, but given that each book is only printed upon order to incorporate your child’s unique name, it does make for a lovely gift to mark a special occasion. You can purchase your book from this site.


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Note: We were given a copy of Lost my Name for the purpose of this review. 

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