‘Looming mad

Since as early as last Dec, I’ve been watching friends loom and post their cute creations online.
I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to embark on this hobby, since I already have tons of materials from scrapbooking and didn’t want to start another hoard pile.
But when a friend alerted me on a discount on the original set and bands, I decided to plunge in. And there was no turning back! 

The first night I made the above for the girls and I. Five-and-a-half year old K soon picked it up and started weaving away too!

Then I embarked on the oh so popular Elsa after acquiring blue glitter bands.
Ambition got the better of me, and I ventured into this dress-up Elsa doll, which was really hard to make. So many components. But she stands! Quite an awesome doll.
Then it was this garden-of-roses bracelet. K wore it to school and was the envy of the whole class, apparently!
There were frustrating misses too, chiefly this botched citrus bloom after I spent more than an hour on it.
Tried another tutorial, and success! Sometimes the right video really makes a world of difference.
I was really surprised when 3.5 yr old B expressed interest in looming and actually managed! This was how she graduated from being the ‘sorter’, to a ‘loomer’. Haha.
It was particularly sweet that the first (and so far only completed) loom band she made was for her little friend, an accompanying gift at her 2 yr old party!
I also made a hexafish band (that took ages and a ton of bands) and then a flexafish (flat hexafish) that was also super tedious!
Our latest creation – a ballerina tutu charm for her ballet teacher! K chose the colours, and I think the glitter pink leotard turned out pretty nicely!
 Since this has become somewhat of an obsession in our family, we’ve decided to eke out some good from it!  Stay tuned for our next post on how we’re going to join some other parent bloggers in Looming for Club Rainbow! 🙂

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  1. September 11, 2014 at 11:40 am

    We’re not really full fledged looming yet, but I did enjoy this post! 🙂 The hexafish band looks intense!
    Pamela recently posted…Monster Hunting at MonsterHuntInkMy Profile

    • September 11, 2014 at 5:43 pm

      Yah! My poor old eyes feel the strain, haha!

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