Logos Hope is here again!

We had a great time on board the Logos Hope the last time it was here in Dec 2011. Here are some flashback photos!

K was only 3 years old, and B was being carried by us in an Ergo…

It was also meaningful then because 3 church friends were on board, and it was great to bump into one of them, and she was able to chat with us for a while, after we hadn’t seen her for so long…

This time, what makes it special is that a dear friend and her family (with two kids under the age of 4!) have gone to join the Logos Hope for 2 years. What an undertaking of faith, and a step that goes against all the norms and expectations of Singapore society.

They will have no other income apart from the basic support the church is providing them, as a family involved in mission work. Truly an inspirational role model to me.

They made the papers last week!

 The ship, which is primarily a floating bookshop with volunteers going from port to port to do development work with local communities and churches, will be in Singapore from Fri 24 Jan to Mon 3 Feb.

Want to get away from the madding CNY crowd in malls or the endless visiting? Drop by the bookshop! Loads of books of all genres, going for really good prices.

There are also many other programmes on board, including serving meals to migrant workers in our midst. I think that is especially meaningful.

That also reminds me of our church’s recently organised buffet dinner for the Bangladeshi workers who are working on the MRT line just outside our church. I think it was wonderful that they could interact with ordinary Singaporeans this way, and realise that not all will walk past them without seeing them, and that we are happy to interact with them as equals.

Do visit the Logos Hope if you have a chance! I’m not sure if our family will be able to this time, but our thoughts and prayers are with the crew, hailing from all parts of the world, that they will have a very meaningful time ministering to all who come their way.

p.s. A friend’s kids just went and you can see lots of photos of what to expect on board the ship from her post here!

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