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Every year end, we have a large extended family gathering, and it’s always a challenge to find a nice, spacious, affordable location with good food. So we really felt that we struck gold when we found Loading Bay, which is owned and run by one of our church friends.

Located at Chai Chee Technopark (5 mins drive from Bedok MRT Station/Siglap/Kembangan), the bistro’s name is derived from the fact that it is situated near a loading bay on the ground floor.


Lovely space.

That wall mural brought on many a chuckle. Especially touted by family members who have ‘prospered’ over the past year.


The Clan.


The multi-talented husband and wife team who owns the place, and helms the kitchen!Aunty G is also K’s sunday school teacher. 🙂


Photo credit: Loading Bay

We had the most amazing food there too!  The turkey was juicy and so very tasty. All cooked on-site, but Chef M who has learnt how to cook at a young age in his mother’s Peranakan kitchen. Loading Bay currently serves western fare, including salads and pasta, but perhaps one day, Peranakan? 🙂


Photo credit: Loading Bay

lamb ragu

This is their slow roasted lamb ragu served with penne pasta, not served that evening, but on regular days. Looks delish.

Photo credit: Loading Bay


There’s a large pool table, and it was great to see the generations interacting – father teaching son right here… There was enough space to circulate, chat with family members, get updates on how their kids are doing, coo at newborns, ask after the health of the more elderly members who had recent medical procedures done, see the girlfriends of those in their twenties… all that makes up an extended family gathering.


And once K & B discovered their kinetic sandbox, in a corner of the bistro, there was no turning back! Since the entire place is air-conditioned, the kinetic sand worked just the way it was supposed to, as opposed to when we tried it at home, where conditions were too humid.



My favourite part of the bistro is this cosy lounge area, stocked with magazines and games.  My eye was caught by two huge tomes – one is the “The Complete Far Side”, and the other “The Complete Dilbert”!  If I worked at Chai Chee Technopark I know where I’d be, every lunch time… Have really enjoyed Larson’s humour since secondary school days, and flipping through the pages was like meeting an old friend.





As a review on their FB page said, “Good price! Good food! Good people!”.  I couldn’t have put it any better.


Loading Bay
750 Dune, #01-02
Chai Chee Road
Technopark @ Chai Chee
Tel: 6449 6808
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 8am – 8pm, Sat: 9am – 2pm, Sunday: closed


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  1. January 9, 2015 at 11:22 pm

    Oh wow, I’m convinced and there’s no reason for me to not try. I have to! Thanks for sharing.

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