Little B turns two – enjoyable morning

Hubby and I took leave on the day our “littler” one turned 2, which was incidentally the fourth day of the Lunar New Year this year…  We kicked off the morning with a drive to East Coast Park to have breakfast.  She wolfed down the hash brown, and didn’t want to eat the (marginally) more healthy stuff.  Oh well, it’s her birthday after all.

Since Jie Jie was in school, little B had our undivided attention.  Here she is, confident toddler of two, striding across the sand-patched grass, metres away from the rolling sea.

The sky looked threatening at many points that day, but apart from sporadic drizzles, it didn’t rain too much on our parade. : ) 

I wanted to take a photo of her with this stately old tree, but as she was scampering around its large buttress roots, right after this photo was taken, she had a great fall!  SPLAT.  Muddy arms, muddy face, muddy shins, muddy dress.  We had to summon the wet wipes brigade to salvage whatever could be salvaged.
Then, after we left the park, our littler girl fell asleep in the car!  So we let her nap from about 1030am, till we had to pick Jie Jie at 1130am… In the meantime, we parked the car at Bedok Reservoir, and I had a nice stroll around alone.
I didn’t know that two large chunks of the Berlin Wall with some famous graffiti had been installed there. 

In a nutshell, the drawings were about democracy – a seeing king, as opposed to a blind uncaring one. It got me musing about the former MP who had unveiled the structure, who has become, in a sense, “fallout” from our democratic process.

Overall, it was a pleasant morning, far from the madding crowds who had returned to work.  We wondered where to bring the girls for lunch… after a “live” poll of our FB friends, we decided on Privé!

[to be cont’d…]

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  1. February 27, 2013 at 2:17 am

    Nice! Didn’t know we had part of the Berlin Wall in Singapore! Shall try to go have a look sometime.

    Oh and Happy Birthday to B! 🙂

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