Lilytopia at Gardens by the Bay 2016


We visited our favourite indoor garden again!


This time, on a sunny weekday morning, where the light was perfect and there was no crowd.


Lilytopia brings with it a retro theme, which was a perfect treat for the two grandmas who came along with us. There were oldies playing throughout in the Flower Dome, that had me merrily humming along as well.



We enjoyed learning about lilies, and this time the factoids were printed on discs that resembled old vinyl records.



IMG_7140 IMG_7132 IMG_7064




The central display this time comprised flower beds laid out in the shape of a guitar. See if you can discern it from this angle.


The lilies were simply works of art. The one below especially, looked freshly painted in gorgeous brushstrokes of vermillion and cream. From the brush of the master Artist.

IMG_7077 IMG_7068

Apart from the beautiful purple Asters, brightly coloured Begonias with their asymmetrical leaves, functioned as filler plants in the flower beds.


There were many other lovely blooms around the garden as usual. The girls had a nice time taking some photos, and some of them were good enough to post here!





Although we have visited the Flower Dome many times, the little pansies and other flowers on display never fail to captivate us still.

image image

There is just something about flowers in full bloom that resonates with the human soul. And so I am reminded of this verse:

Consider how the lilies of the field grow: They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his glory was adorned like one of these. 

~ Matthew 6:29



We had a lovely time at Lilytopia, bopping to the beat of familiar oldies, and having some quality three-generational bonding time.



Succulent Garden

The staid yet interesting greens of the Succulent Garden were a welcome foil to the heady colours of the Flower Field.

IMG_7113 IMG_7115 IMG_7117


We met some plants, masquerading rather successfully as pebbles too. Juxtaposed against real stone pebbles, their shape and size were so similar that it was hard to tell which were the small round fleshy succulents.


And here was Grandma, explaining the rings of a tree trunk to the 5 year old. What a great way to learn about nature.


Cloud Forest

5 year old B insisted on going to the Cloud Forest and walking through all the sky bridges… so we did.


Glad these two have no height phobia. They were gamely walking along the see-through portions of the walkways.


There were beautiful blooms to behold too, at the Cloud Forest. We learnt that orchids thrive in the cool moist air there.




The amazing mystery of a frond unfurling, with its centre resembling a flower or a star. How does a fiddlestick like that, transform into a leafy fern? Another glorious mystery of the universe.


From the Cloud Forest, we glimpsed a view of the Super Trees as well. Till the next time, Gardens by the Bay!




Friday, 03 June to Sunday, 10 July

Pick up a Lilytopia Garden Trail brochure for more interesting information about lilies, or join the daily “ASK Me!” tours by friendly Display Interpreters as they share fascinating botanical facts and anecdotes about the floral display.
Time: Daily at 11am and 3pm (1 – 6pm on 4 & 5 June)
Details: Tours last approximately 15 minutes and are available free, on a first-come-first-served basis. To participate, gather at the “ASK Me!” poster near the Flower Field. Tours will begin when a group of five or more visitors is assembled.

  • Local Resident Rate – One Conservatory
    Adults: $12
    Senior Citizens (>60 years old): $8
    Children (3-12 years old): $8
  • Local Resident Rate – Two Conservatories
    Adults: $20
    Senior Citizens (>60 years old): $15
    Children (3-12 years old): $12


Saturday, 25 June 2016
7.00pm to 10.00pm
Supertree Grove

Put on your best retro outfit and favourite pair of dancing shoes, and join one of the biggest retro-themed parties in town. Groove to the hottest tunes from the 60s, 70s and 80s, and catch a specially curated LED performance with pyrotechnics on the OCBC Skyway – a first in the Gardens. Mediacorp Radio Class 95FM DJ Jean Danker will also play host on this throwback Saturday night. Parents and grandparents will love it.

In conjunction with ‘Dads for life’, local families who produce the Celebrating Fathers 2016 wristband from 28 May to 30 June 2016 will also get to enjoy related promotions at the Garden’s.

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