Legoland Malaysia – The LEGO Movie in 4D!

Even though the girls have been to Legoland a number of times, they still react with exuberant joy when we mention planning a trip there. “Did you say LEGOLAND?!?!” *Cue excited shrieks* “I’m so excited, I’m so excited, I can’t wait!”

This time, we were there at the launch of the new “LEGO Movie in 4D”, which just premiered worldwide in Florida a few weeks ago.



Our family really enjoyed The LEGO Movie when it was in cinemas in 2014, so it was a real treat to see Emmet, Wyldstyle and UniKitty again, with a brand new storyline. So what’s a 4D show? Well, it means that apart from 3D computer animation (the images pop out and seem to be only at arm’s length, when you wear the 3D glasses), there’s the fourth dimension of real-world effects such as wind, water and foam – so bring your sweaters, cos it can get chilly!


Image from Legoland

Without giving too much away, the fast-paced 12.5 minute show is set in a mysterious theme park run by Lord Risky Business, and is full of thrills and spills. My favourite segment was UniKitty’s – moral of the story: don’t mess with those who look mild! 5-year old B was so mesmerised by how the characters were popping out of the screen that she reached out her hand, thinking that they were certainly close enough to touch, haha. 7 year old K said her favourite part was the special 4D effect at the end, so keep a lookout for it! 😉

We thoroughly enjoyed it, and I only wish it were longer. Anyway, if you find that it moved along too fast, you can catch it again as it screens almost every hour, on the hour.

I think it’s great that every half a year or so, there is a new show launched, so that there’s something different to look forward to at every visit. We really enjoyed the “Ninjago and the Realm of Shadows” 4D “live” show last year, and now with The LEGO Movie, here’s yet another new reason to visit Legoland Malaysia.


I guess in many ways, this is a theme park that grows with you. From hardly meeting any of the height requirements, now B is qualified in age and height to ride many more!


When the kids were younger, they preferred the milder activities such as LEGO City’s “Junior Driving School”, the “Boating School” and LEGO Kingdom’s “Royal Joust” pony rides. Unlike yours truly, my girls are simply not thrill seekers when it comes to roller-coaster rides.


So although those activities remain familiar favourites, now K has mustered up enough guts to ask to go on LEGO Kingdom’s “The Dragon’s Apprentice”. I do look forward to the day when both girls ride “The Dragon” over and over again with me. This time, I managed to go on the Lego Technic Project X ride (which was simply exhilarating) twice in a row, wooohoooooo!


This time, we had the time to stroll leisurely around Miniland, which took some three years to complete. No wonder too, since each structure is made of hundreds and thousands of LEGO bricks, and are fascinating to behold. Some of them hold cheeky little surprises too, as K&B found out when they pressed the button near the Merlion, and it turned to aim its jet squarely at them!




We went up the Observation Tower, spent time racing cars at Build & Test, shot around at Pharaoh’s Revenge, took the Legoland Expressand simply had a whale of a time.



They also had fun just monkeying around.


At the end of the trip, like many other kids I’m sure, they were already asking when we’d come again!



We drove up on a Friday afternoon, and clearing the Tuas checkpoint around 3pm was a breeze. There was no queue at all on both the Singapore and Malaysian sides, and we simply cruised into the lanes and handed out passports over. (Friends who drove up on Saturday morning mentioned an hour long jam in clearing immigration.)

Coming back on Saturday afternoon around 430pm, we were stuck at the Malaysian side for about half an hour. Strangely enough, there was no queue at the Singapore side thereafter, and we whizzed through. (In the opposite direction there was a looooong tailback of hundreds of cars trying to enter Malaysia though.)

So, combined, this was one of the fastest Tuas checkpoint clearances we have ever experienced. We consciously chose off-peak times, and thus spent a little less time in Malaysia, but it was well worth the minimised frustration of being stuck for hours in a checkpoint jam.




LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort

Address: 7, Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini, 79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia
Tel: +60 7-597 8888


Note: Thanks Legoland Malaysia for the media invite, we had a great time!

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