Legoland Malaysia Oct 2014 Part 2 – what were their favourites?

Ever since she received her first set of Lego for her birthday, K’s been totally absorbed in putting them together, and making the characters talk to each other at length… (She received 6 Lego Friends sets in total, and amazingly, they were all different!)

So it was great timing that we made this trip to Legoland. And because she still has unopened boxes of Lego, we weren’t asked to buy any more, heh.


Source: Legoland Malaysia

Interestingly, the girls had the most fun, and spent the most time at, car-related sections of Legoland.

Build and Test

The girls had so much fun here they didn’t want to leave.  Wheels can be obtained upon request at the front counter, and I built two cars for them to race.  They had a great time interacting with the other kids, and racing their cars again, and again, and again, and AGAIN……


Lego City Junior Driving School

This was B’s ultimate favourite station – she went three times! 

Due to certain queue-cutters *glare*, she had to wait 2 rounds before her first turn.  She wasn’t a very good driver, and kept getting stuck (at the kerb or wall), but the person manning this station was very patient in helping her out, and didn’t blink when she went “I want to go again! Can I go again please?”.  Since there was no queue at that point, she could immediately have another turn…

So I guess she got her money’s worth, and satisfied her fun-bank at this station, though she didn’t go on many other rides in Legoland. When we came back she candidly told all, “My favourite was driving the car but I am a lousy driver!”


K was feeling quite tired by then, so she didn’t want to try the Driving School, nor the Junior Driving School.  She had a good time just watching her little sis get stuck drive. 

It did cost RM 35 to get their photo printed onto a little “driving licence”. We figured she’d chuck it aside and lose it soon enough, so we didn’t get that done.

I loved the Lego sculptures all around the park. They must have some super strong coating to make them weather-proof. Wonder if there’s some special glue for the bricks too…


Two storey high lego giraffes!



Build & Test (for stability), a very cute ‘musical’ fountain, Kids Power Tower, and the Legoland Express!

We didn’t do everything at Legoland, since we knew we had limited time before the girls would get too tired and thus grumpy. We skipped the 4D ‘cinema’ shows at the Lego Studio, though their four different shows sounded really interesting and would make for a nice break from the sun. We skipped the Kids Power Tower, and the Boating School. The Observation Tower was closed for maintenance that day, but that was fine with us.


Duplo play town for the toddlers

The playtown is a haven for those between 1 and 3 years old. There’s a very cute little train that goes round a very cute little track. The nice folks let us go round three times without stopping, possibly because there was no queue, and because it’d be real short otherwise.


We caught glimpses of the Miniland structures from the Legoland Express, which cruised slowly through the centre of the park…

Dino Island

This reminded me a lot of the Jurassic Park water ride at Universal Studios Singapore, but it was a LOT wetter. When we saw folks emerging from the ‘boats’, totally drenched, we wanted to get ponchos but learnt that they could only be bought at the store. So instead of going there and queueing again, we decided just to go with the flow! 

Tip: Don’t sit at the last row (there are four rows per boat) because during the steep ascent, all the water that’s already IN the boat, collects at the bottom quarter and will soak your bottom(s).

IMG_4967K was again immensely brave. She went, “It’s coming! It’s coming!” when we were almost at the peak and then ducked more to avoid getting drenched than anything. It felt like a free fall with a huge bucket of water poured over you at the end. But it was FUN!

Body blasters are available outside to help you dry off (step into a pod that blasts air at you), but they cost RM 10, so we decided to let the sun do the job. 🙂


What really impressed me were the restrooms. They were pristine, they were spacious, they were air-conditioned! With really cute mosaic wall art too.  A welcome respite from the muggy heat. To freshen up and to cool down in.  Really unexpected gems scattered throughout the theme park.


Spot the Lego Friends infiltrators! Plus a glimpse of Darth Vader, whom we got to take a family photo with *score*!


Because I am Bat girl.


As we were leaving, B spontaneously said, “Thank you Papa and Mama for bringing me here.” We were astounded (and very touched) because we hadn’t taught her to say that. Naturally, we commended her for being so appreciative.

So the next time we go will probably be when B is tall enough to enjoy more of the park. Hopefully she will also have mustered up enough guts to go on the exciting rollercoasters!


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  1. Zee
    October 15, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    This sounds so fun! Now I am tempted to go. I thought Aly might be a little too young for the rides but it seems like she might enjoy it. B is such a sweetie 🙂
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    • October 16, 2014 at 2:22 pm

      Yup Aly might not make the height requirement for most rides, but start with the Lego City section and there’s still quite a bit for her to do there I think! 🙂

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