Legoland Malaysia Oct 2014 Part 1 – new Star Wars Exhibition

Our little family made our very first visit to the Legoland Theme Park recently!  We had 2 complimentary passes from the Cold Storage Run that we participated in earlier this year, which were expiring in the middle of this month, so we made plans to visit Legoland on a weekday, hoping to avoid crowds.



We went on a Friday, forgetting that Fridays are now non-working days in Malaysia. But it was surprisingly empty when we arrived at 1030am and there was no queue in most of the rides. The longest we queued was about 5 minutes! And for some rides were were the only 2 in the whole train that could seat 12!

We are glad we waited till almost the end of the promotional period (for our tickets) because K now makes the minimum height for all the rides. 3.5 year old B was either too young or too short for most rides though she didn’t mind sitting most of them out.  Think she’s still not stout-hearted enough to take on such heights or speeds.


Our first rides!

We started off with the Technic Twister, Legoland’s version of “teacups”, though the spinning was a bit less tame. Then we went on to the Project X ride, which was simply mindblowing! I was very surprised that six year old K was game to try, and didn’t scream or panic, though the downward drop (five storeys?) was one of the scariest I’ve experienced.  More so than any current ride at Universal Studios Singapore!


One of the most thrilling rides K and I took!

As we walked out, I asked if she was scared, and she said, “Just a little”.  Wow.  This girl has guts. Many adults I know wouldn’t even think of taking such a ride.

Star Wars Miniland


Star Wars!

There a new Star Wars exhibition (opened in Sep 2014), which is an entire Miniland in air-conditioned comfort, with some 2,000 models comprising hundreds of thousands of lego bricks. 


Amazing set-ups

It was a feast for the eyes to see the dioramas, which must have been painstakingly put together. The exhibition opens with a short cartoon, which will be best appreciated by true blue Star Wars fans since they make reference to all the various episodes. I didn’t get all the jokes, but it was enjoyable to watch all the same. Imagine a Star Wars mini Lego Movie!


This was one of my favourite areas in Legoland.

If you are a huge Star Wars fan, you won’t want to leave this Miniland. And not just because it’s all in soothing air-conditioned comfort. I’m not a big fan, and even I was totally impressed and gawking.


Models that were waist-high. Super cute.

The girls really took to the bunnies scattered naturally in this grass patch!


Kingdom Land


I thought the decor for Kingdom Land was wonderful! I realise that I didn’t take photos of the two rollercoaster tracks but they were so fun! K took the Dragon’s Apprentice one with me, and I took The Dragon proper, alone. It was a BLAST!

I loved the elaborate Lego set-ups as we wound through the ‘castle’ in anticipation of the exhilarating ride.  I’d say this was less scary than Project X, but it comes a close second in terms of thrills and length.

IMG_4964 The girls gravitated towards the large wooden playground, and were reluctant to leave.  There was so much else to see, but I suppose structures like these are familiar favourites.

IMG_4963 The Royal Joust had these cute ‘galloping’ steeds, and being 4 months shy of 4 years old, B was not allowed to get on.  They are pretty strict when it comes to safety, and adhering to the rules, which is a good thing.

K and her papa went on Merlin’s trains, which also had an age requirement of 4 years. Both times, B was happy to watch from the sidelines. Just as well, she wasn’t upset at being left out, I suppose!

IMG_4966 We stopped for some ice-lollies and B checked out the games stalls. Drinks go for about 5 RM a bottle, which I suppose is standard theme park price.  We brought water bottles, but still ran out because it was such a hot day. And having some ice cold water is rather shiok.

What we appreciated most however, was how safe and at home we felt there, as opposed to what we’ve heard of the vibe in Hong Kong Disneyland, for instance. 

Overall, I felt that the admission rates are quite pricey (usual price adult ticket at 140 RM and child at 110 RM), but there are all sorts of combo deals and pre-booking deals that make it slightly more worthwhile.  Not to mention the annual passes, which make a lot of sense if you’re looking to go twice or more in one year.

If you live in the West of Singapore, once you get to Tuas, it takes no more than 15 minutes to get to Legoland, and there are signs aplenty to direct you there. When we went on a Friday morning around 10am, and back on the same day around 5pm, it took us no more than 10 minutes to clear Customs both ways.

We erroneously parked at Zone 3, and only realised thereafter that Zones 1 and 2 were nearer the main entrance. However, we also realised that parking at Medini Mall (right next to Zone 3) is capped at 7 RM, which is cheaper than the 9 RM per entry for Legoland parking in Zones 1-3.  So there you go, park at Medini Mall’s carpark – it’s a pleasant 5 min walk through the mall to Legoland’s main entrance.

Well, we had so many photos that I’ve decided to break up this post into two!  Stay tuned for the next instalment of what our girls’ favourite sections of the park were.


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  1. October 13, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    It sure looks fun. We’re looking to go next month too.

    • October 15, 2014 at 9:26 am

      Let us know how you find it! Bring sunblock and lots of water! 🙂

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