Le Bistrot du Sommelier

A friend bought us lunch the other day, to thank us for career advice and to celebrate landing her new job. 

Another friend saw that fresh artichoke was on the menu as it was in season and suggested that we order it. When it came, it was huge!

I really enjoyed dipping the fleshy bits of the ‘leaves’ into the vinaigrette. I’ve also read about artichoke hearts, but have never had them. So when the artichoke was brought into the kitchen again and presented with its sectioned heart, I really enjoyed it!

It was a really good meal. Between all of us, we had the pan-seared beef ouglet (cut from the chest), the catch of the day (NZ Snapper), the Kingfisher terrine, the lamb special, as well as an eggplant starter. They were all delicious but my favourite was the beef smothered under a shallot and garlic confit.

The name of the restaurant meant that we could not go without wine. Some had red, others shared a bottle of moscato, and we tried a fruity beer in a wine bottle – first time I met beer bottled as such!

The kids were with us and terrorised a baby at the next table. After he and his brother left, they got quite fidgety. But they did last almost 3 hours so that was quite amazing. Meal of the month, this.

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  1. imp
    August 17, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    What a giant artichoke!!! Now I feel like having one too.

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