KONK out, ye ants!

Our household has had a long unhappy war with ants. All sorts of anti-ant poisons have only the most short-lived effects on them. With little children around the home, there were limited places we could put these toxic store-bought grains, for fear that they would inadvertently ingest them. Similarly with insecticides – what if some spray residue lands on food, cups or bowls?

It soon came to a point that we simply reconciled ourselves to co-existing with them. They’d make long trails from the bin near my kitchen sink, and pop in for a dive in my kettle if I left any water in there overnight. They’d wander about with impunity, knowing that they were too numerous for fingers to squash them all. 
Recently, I came across various accounts from blogging friends about this wonderful new agent called KONK. (Meant to make all pests conk out, I suppose!) Hope sprang afresh – this sounded like an ideal solution. 
The starter kit
Based on the active ingredient Pyrethrin (a chrysanthemum extract), it is a spray that kills insects by attacking their nervous system. Cockroaches who cannot run away fast enough will flip over and start to die a slow, horrible death (which most of us know how to speed up mercifully, of course). 
The automatic spray would guard the perimeter of one room, and after a few days, will render it bug-free. I saw it as our “Star Wars”-like shield. It would emanate an aura, lethal to pests but benign to humankind.
This was war. And this was my new weapon. See it and shudder, ye ants!

It was easy to fix up, and it came with a battery installed. As I put the canister in, suddenly there it was, a puff and the odour of chrysanthemums (somewhat bringing me back to secondary school days and DH Lawrence). 
I found it totally nifty that scientists managed to isolate this nerve-wrecking property from the delicate chrysanthemum flower. (Gives 菊花台a whole new spin, hur hur.)
I can place this in any room (even the kids’ bedroom), spray the handheld version on any surface, without the fear of it endangering the bloodstream of any adult or child. This is why it’s used in many restaurants and food preparation areas that have zero tolerance for pests. 
That, in addition to the fact that so many friends have testified to its efficacy, would make it worth every cent! I do think its strongest points are that it is SAFE and that it WORKS.

If you need more reasons, KONK:
– contains no CFCs
– is registered with Singapore’s NEA
– is effective against mosquitos, water gnats, midges, house flies, fruit flies, ants and cockroaches
– is made in North America

For now, it is here that my automated KONK stands sentinel, and I am looking forward to experiencing its wonders.

Will give an update a month from now, on our family’s overall verdict on KONK. Stay tuned!

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Note: We received an “Automated KONK I” starter kit for the purpose of this review.

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