Kindsville Party at Port of Lost Wonder

We were very kindly invited by the Singapore Kindness Movement to their Kindsville event at the Port of Lost Wonder.

It was the girls’ first time at POLW, and they had such a great time – SKM really knows how to throw a party! Great job by their PR company and the wonderful staff of POLW too. 🙂

The invitees were mainly children who had written to Singa and the Kindness Cubbies, so this Party was held to celebrate their efforts in spreading kindness. Simply awesome.

Themed “Friendship”, this is SKM’s second annual party. By having the limelight on Singa and the Kindness Cubbies, SKM hopes to spread the message of being kind to friends. That’s such an important message, especially in schools today, when bullying can be quite subtle.

For the second half of the evening, there were great games and craft activities planned, to help the girls forge new friendships!

IMG_4066But first, the kids were invited to free water play at this very entertaining Pirate Ship, docked at this Port of Lost Wonder, tucked at a little corner of Sentosa’s Palawan Beach.  Two exhilarating slides for children, and lots of sprinklers everywhere!

IMG_4145 The weather was perfect on the day of the event.  Clear blue skies.


IMG_4090As usual, the most screams welcome the toppling of the huge bucket of water!  Showers abound! IMG_4146 The girls and I loved the cute mascots that appeared – there are five characters featured in Kindsville, and we got to learn all their names through a game that evening! Singa, Tosh, Sher, Kalle, and Tomeo. : )

My personal favourite was Tosh, cos he has such great attitude, haha!  Mostly cos he was the most game in posing.

IMG_4143 IMG_4148We got a lovely goody bag with stickers and coupons for Badge Making and Rainbow Loom making (all original bands too)!



Cotton candy! Getting her sis one too. ^_^

IMG_4147We were all treated to a sumptuous buffet dinner, and the organisers must be parents themselves, as they thoughtfully and very cleverly made sure there was the series of Kindness Cubbies cartoons on throughout dinnertime!  Haha.

I really liked the cartoons, so I totally approved of watching TV at dinner time then.  There were cartoons featuring polite behaviour, the issue of bullying, and how to be kind to your friends. A locally produced series that we can be really proud of!

We had such a wonderful time at Kindsville Party 2014! The girls got to chat with a few other kids, and played a game where they wrote down one another’s names and shared a personality trait too.

There’s even a Kindsville website, specially tailored for children. This is one site you won’t mind your kids hanging round!

We love spreading the Kindness message, since there can never be too much of it. Everyone that evening was certainly trying their best to be gracious, so it was a super evening.

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  1. September 12, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    that looks like so much funnnnn! would have loved to bring the kids to this!

    p.s. love the new site. 🙂
    Candice recently posted…Bubble Magic showMy Profile

    • September 12, 2014 at 2:53 pm

      Yes, it was such a well-organised party. 🙂
      Thanks for the love! Appreciate your earlier advice too. 🙂

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