Kindsville Party 2017

Have you ever been to a Kindsville Party?

Inaugurated in 2013, the annual Kindsville Party is an occasion to show appreciation to children who wrote in to Singa and the Kindness Cubbies, and to celebrate their efforts in spreading kindness. These children are invited to attend the party with their parents, take part in games and activities, also as a form of family bonding. Additionally, attendees get to meet with Singa and the Kindness Cubbies live.

We were first extended a media invite to a Kindsville Party in 2014, held at the former Port of Lost Wonder. Looking back at that post, it’s another trip back down memory lane to realise how much my girls have grown (one of the things I love about blogging!).

This year, Kindsville Party returned with a focus on parent-child bonding. Held at GymKraft, a huge indoor gym next to the Singapore Badminton Hall, participants were treated to a real fun time in a specially crafted parkour challenge, where the values of empathy and patience were also emphasised and reiterated throughout the activities.

There was a good turnout, with all the participants decked out in singlets specially issued for this event.

The girls were all set to rumble and tumble!

One of the stations taught the kids the first steps of scaling a wall – a bit like the Army’s Standard Obstacle Course. But the walls were way more colourful of course. 6 year old B was attempting her own take on spidey in the photo above.

The instructors from GymKraft were very patient and energetic! It must have been So Super Tiring to conduct all the activities in various stations.

Check out that look of glee on K’s face, sharing a moment with her sis.

The station below was the girls’ favourite, where they got to swing from poles, clamber up double-bars, do bear-crawls and a series of other basic parkour type challenges.

Here’s a photo of all the activities progressing in earnest. Spot the little kid jumping way high on the trampoline, suspended in mid-air! Everyone was very polite, giving way and queueing nicely. I overheard parents reminding their kids to be kind and courteous too, really embodying the true spirit of the event. Kudos to the National Kindness Movement, for its constant efforts to inculcate a strong culture of being socially gracious in Singapore, of which this is but one event.

After all the groups completed the four stations, it was time to meet the Kindness Cubbies! K periodically brings home Kindness Cubbies activity booklets that encourage reflection and the practice of doing unto others what you would have them do to you.

Both girls also love watching Kindness Cubbies videos’ on Youtube. “Tomeo, Tomeo! I want to take a photo with Tomeo!” Ok sure, you can also take photos with all the rest of them…… 🙂

It was cute to see all 5 cubbies, and how they delighted the little kids.

Thanks SKM for inviting us to Kindsville Party 2017! We learnt a thing or two about Parkour (moving from one place to another in the fastest time possible, by leaping, climbing, crawling, etc) and it was a real fun time of physical activity with our kids. Saw lots of parents having a great time encouraging and cheering their kids on, even as each parent partnered one child. Time well spent!

Members of the public may also sign up for Kindsville Parties. This year, a token charge of $15 per person comes with a goody bag, a singlet, 90 minutes of parkour training, as well as a very yummy catered buffet dinner. We’re looking forward to the next Kindsville Party already, and to living out the virtues of kindness (such as being considerate to others, and forgiving one another) in the meantime!


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