Kindle some lurve

I’ve done it! Got myself a Kindle Paperwhite after first toying with the idea last year.

This is going to sound ditzy but my favourite feature is currently the screensaver.

I mean, how gorgeous is this black and white pencil drawing of a typewriter?

Also, I spoiled myself by ordering the ad- free version (or rather, hubby went “Huh? you want to save USD 20? Just go for the ad-free version lah!”, and since my doting man was getting it for me as a gift – I merrily obliged), and added a fuchsia cover for good measure.  Thank you, dear!

This is my first Kindle, but others with Kindle basic and the Kindle Touch say that the Paperwhite’s words look much crisper.  The only downside is it’s a bit heavier.  I expected it to feel slightly lighter, but hey, compared to the hardback tomes I lug, this is real easy on the wrist. 

I’ve been educated by a Kindle-fanatic colleague on the intricacies of VPN connections, and sites like the Gutenberg.  Some searching has also taught me how to convert long articles into mobi files – hurrah!

For now, I still have a few library books to plough through as their due date looms near.  Thereafter, I think this hot-pink Kindle and I are gonna be great friends.

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  1. April 29, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Looks gorgeous! Got to get some VPN tips from you! That said, I just can’t seem to move away from physical books. I miss being able to keep a thumb on a page and cross refer randomly.

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