Kikki.K planner

This totally made my week.

I received a nice ang pow from my colleagues for my birthday, so when I started thinking about what I wanted to get with it, it occured to me that a filofax-like planner would be nice. Except that filofax is exorbitant, around $150 for a start, and I’m guessing their inserts cost a small ransom too.

So I started asking around and keeping an eye out for other alternatives.

One day I walked by Kikki.K and a planner there caught my eye. Then I realised that they had quite an interesting variety of planners (leather cover, cloth, various designs, colours…).

And since I was still within a month of my birthday, I’d be able to use the $10 birthday voucher that they generously gift to members annually. (It’s free to sign up as a member!)

I was initially considering the small leather planner, but realised that even after 20% discount, it was still beyond my budget, or what I could forgive myself for spending on a planner. And the inserts weren’t even in full colour……


Then I chanced upon a ‘fun planner’ that was on 40% off (still available till end-Apr)! (Makes sense since almost 40% of the year is over? Haha.) The inserts it came with were super colourful to boot. Not so suitable for work, but a helpful store assistant brought me one of the last plain inserts that were on offer (50% off yay!!), and I decided to snap them both up. After applying my awesome birthday discount voucher, the total spoils cost me about $56, when the original bill for all would have been a whopping $114.80.

Some people splurge on bags, some people splurge on shoes. Then there’s me and my stationery. 😛

Just looking at them makes me soooooooooooooooooo happy.

Look at the inside sections!!


Initially I thought I’d just post on IG, but I took so many photos that I figured I had to blog about it for posterity. Happy birthday to meeeeeeeee!


It’s very frivolous, but pretty stationery just Makes My Day. Added joy if they are on 40-50% off!

Plus, I realised that there are “special treats” every month for those who buy such planners – this month, it was a free decorative tape worth $8.90 with any purchase (also, show your planner at the counter). So I hopped down to buy a pen, and got this cute roll-on tape with autumn leaves *yay*. Looking forward to next month’s treat. So much fun!!


#NotASponsoredPost 😁

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