Kidzania Singapore (Part 2) – Verdict

What’s our verdict on Kidzania Singapore, after spending 8 hours there?

First, here’s how the rest of the activities went for K & B…


EZ Delivery

The kids queued for about 30 mins for the delivery job, then off they went! I thought this was one of their cutest assignments, as they traipsed around Kidzania delivering parcels.


Sticky Candy

Finally, it was time for Sticky Candy!


By the way, remember to keep your hair-nets from whichever activity you first receive them, since you get a 1 Kidzo ‘rebate’ from the activity cost by re-using them.


Here we were, 10 minutes before the appointed time, waiting with our precious Activity Queue cards in hand. Quite a few kids came to enquire about spaces, but were told at 215pm that all queue cards for this activity for the rest of the day (till 5pm) had been given out.

The kids enjoyed this mainly because they got to take home a little bag of candy. It was fascinating as usual to watch the professionals make Candy with messages inside, and stretch them out like magic.



Parents lounge

There was nice pop music playing throughout (thanks to Kiss 92 I’m guessing) instead of the Kidzania theme song that is played over and over again at most Kidzanias, that tends to drive parents crazy.

For that, there is always the silence of a Parents Lounge to take refuge in.


I loved the look of the Peranakan museum, but the kids were not interested at all. Not even in the tile making craft that was in a separate alleyway. Oh wells.


There were some cool climbing activities for those above 120cm in height, best pitched at upper primary students.


Pizza Hut

Towards the end of the day, the queue at Pizza Hut eased off a bit, and the girls were able to get in after a 30 min wait.


I thought this was worth the wait, since the pizza was delicious! It also meant that with the Soup Spoon soup and puff pastry, plus the pizza, the kids didn’t need to spend extra money on meals.



It was about 4 pm, and B decided that she wanted to be a policewoman! K couldn’t decide, but she knew that she did not want to be a policewoman. So B joined the queue, whilst K walked around, trying to see if there was something to catch her eye.

Many of the activities had the “last activity of the day” sign up on their windows. I can only imagine how relieved the staff must be! It is certainly a job that requires great patience (with kids and their parents’ incessant questions) and a love for interacting with children.


B had a great time being a policewoman, marching through the streets, shouting out the slogans, assisting the firefighters by ‘controlling the crowd’. K on the other hand, amused herself by getting behind bars.


At the end of the day, we didn’t really bother with the department store (where you can exchange your hard earned Kidzos for stuff like pencilcases and the like) because the ‘redemption’ exchange rate was really not worth it. Far better to use the Kidzos for ‘paid activities’. The kids were quite flush with cash, but decided to save it by banking it in for future Kidzania trips.


Here the kids are, at the end of the day, tired but happy! K even said that the 8 hours inside felt like 1 minute! How’s that for hyperbole?


Kidzania Singapore is really fun, but the entry fees don’t seem to be an issue for anyone, leading to crazy queues.

We thought a non-weekend, non-school holiday, non-public holiday would mean shorter queues, and in some ways it was a lot less crazy than peak periods (as some parents there shared with us), but school groups are always the wild card, and it might not be possible to avoid them completely.

Ironically, some Sundays might be less crowded, since school groups won’t come on those days, and some parents might avoid it, if the next day is a working day/school day. Plus, Kidzania opens from 10am – 8pm on weekends! But that’s probably in recognition of the significantly longer queues on weekends.

Personally, I’d rather spend less hours there in total, with less average queue times. Or bring some card games to while away the time with friends that you go along with!

All in all, the kids would still say that they had a fantastic time, and can’t wait to go back.

For us, since Kidzania Bangkok goes for about S$35 per kid, and Kidzania Kuala Lumpur charges RM 72 (or S$24) per kid (vs S$58 in Singapore), chances are that we might visit one of them next, alongside a planned holiday instead!
AddressPalawan Kidz City, 31 Beach View, Singapore 098008.

Admission Prices: Infant – Free (below 2 years old) | Senior Citizen – SGD $25 (60 years old and above) | Toddler – SGD $25 (2 – 3 years old) | Adult SGD $35 (18 – 59 years old) | Kids – $58 (4 – 17 years old).

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