Kids’ Gallery & DaBox review

One of the most interesting booths we came across at the SmartKids Asia event was Kids’ Gallery’s.

Its brick and mortar centre is at Ngee Ann City, and they have been open since Nov 2010. This is the first time I’ve come across them though, which is probably proof that I need to get out more!

Feature display of this edition of DaBox – a box full of activities

Huge booth – must have been one of the largest – see if you can spot K!

There was a drop-off workshop being conducted, centring around the theme of Recycling.  The kids would paint old cut-out cardboard, and assemble the pieces into a “Roboard” (heh).  At $15 for 45 minutes, I thought it was eminently reasonable, so when I offered K the opportunity, she immediately took it up!

Always more fun to get all dirty

She sat next to N, and they had great fun painting, and sticking on the large googly eyes, and various shiny bits as decor.  My favourite part were the ‘spanner arms’ that were attached with a pin so they could move!  The workshop was also guided, so it was nice that they had a ‘teacher’ they could consult.

K & N also had some ‘conversation’ which tickled me, since they’ve been seeing each other at playdates since they were 4 months old, but this is probably one of the first times they ‘conversed’ in this setting!

her Masterpiece – thoughtful that they featured a photo of her, instantly printed!
Cheery artwork on display

The exhibitors very kindly gave the mummy bloggers who visited a DaBox to review.  I was really impressed with the contents!  This is the “photography” edition, and it even included a real underwater camera with *gasp* Fuji Film.

Totally excited that she could finally open it


Apart from the Real Film Camera, the box was chock full of activities –
(i) materials to make a scrapbook (14 sheets of cardstock, 4 ribbons and embellishments just for that alone) to stick photos into;
(ii) a hefty white cardboard 3D camera (with a metal nut and bolt!);
(iii) stand-up landscape photo frame; and
(iv) (in the spirit of recycling) the pictures on the DaBox itself could be cut up, including Gooey the mascot with his unisex dress-up elements of camera, cap and scrapbook…

With waterproof casing for underwater shots

Blast from the past!  Ah… brought back memories…

Decorating and assembling the craft camera

With its own spool of ‘film’ that you can draw, roll in, and wind up (with the submarine scope-like straw)

No truly cool camera is complete until it has its own funky (in this case, green with white polka) strap

All in all, we had lots of fun with the contents of DaBox. The theme was well thought through, and the various elements cohered well with one another.  Perhaps I am partial towards photography, but I thought this was a quirky and out-of-the-box (punny, haha) theme that definitely appeals to children.

It’s interesting that Kids’ Gallery started out specialising in visual arts classes, but have since expanded to performing and communication arts. With all the academic focused offerings out there, it’s heartening to learn of classes that draw kids towards ‘the genius of Picasso and the playful vision of Andy Warhol in a fun and delightful way’.

Sounds like a good idea to drop by Kids’ Gallery if you’re in the Orchard vicinity!

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  1. Zee
    March 28, 2013 at 11:27 am

    Wow! I’m also really impressed that they have an underwater camera! Looks like a lot of fun. I saw the booth but unfortunately, Aly is too young for me to drop her off. Haha, maybe next year!

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