Keyaki’s weekend brunch

We planned a weekend brunch gathering over a good Japanese meal.

Wonderful ambience
A large-ish group, including some we haven’t seen in a while. It was so pleasant having good quality food in a lovely setting, with impeccable service. 
The first few courses – loved the chawanmushi bowl

Keyaki is quiet early on weekends, so our table had an entire corner all to ourselves when we arrived just before noon. It was great since it meant that the noise from our kids wouldn’t bother the other guests, even after the restaurant started filling up nearer 1pm.

It was also pretty fun grilling a newly minted couple on how they met, and getting his-side and her-side stories…

My favourite courses

The 8-course meal that is their weekend brunch (1130am to 230pm) was simply delectable, my favourite being the cod (oh how I love the way the Japanese do cod, and order it at every possible chance), followed by the sushi (there is something irresistable and very distinctive about GOOD sushi versus those from their dime-store equivalents), and lastly the matcha ice-cream.

Yum, yum and YUM.

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