Keong Saik Bakery – warm and fluffy

Tucked away in a small unit along a long row of shophouses is Keong Saik Bakery.

Here’s their unassuming shopfront (in case you need to spot it fast whilst trying to get a parallel lot along that road).

I heard that they haven’t been open for long, but when we visited, we bumped into a friend and met a number of other families with small kids. They have only 1 baby chair though, so go early if you need one.

Here’s their selection of pastries.

We picked a small variety, some of which looked very interesting. Your selection will be toasted and served warm to your table. You can see the XO Lap Cheong peeking out of one of the rolls below. It was yummy!

This is one of their signature rolls (Sor Hei $3.20), which is Danish pastry (black pastry folds made with charcoal powder) with chocolate inside. Delicious!

This is the molten salted egg Matcha bun (Cute Green Egg Bun $3.20) that our friend recommended and it was very good! 流沙 Matcha.

They have interesting breakfast sets ($5) that come with kaya toast (set A) or a pastry from their selection ($2.20 and under) (set B). Both sets come with a Kopi O or Teh O. Top up $1.30 to make it a Kopi or Teh Susu.

I did just that, and had a Teh Susu with fresh milk (this option is available at no extra cost; the default would be condensed milk).

I really enjoyed the Teh. It was the perfect combination for me. Most cafés do not have local options, so this was Da Bomb. This is the first time I’ve had my kind of tea served cafe-style.

Also, fresh milk instead of evaporated milk in tea is a plus, taste-wise, in my books. (I later found out that evaporated milk has twice as much fat content as full cream milk! 6.5% vs 3.25%!!)

The price of this Teh is not coffeeshop cheap, but this isn’t a coffeeshop, so. Good to have this local option at a café, and more cafés should follow suit.

They also serve a variety of cakes, but we didn’t have any since it was breakfast time. The hubs has tried their “Gula Jawa Sticky Rice” cake ($6) before and he said it was fantastic. We enquired if they had a whole cake for us to purchase for a party later that day, but they didn’t. Oh well, next time.

Here is K, peering at the interesting history of Keong Saik Road scribed on the walls.

Definitely worth a visit if you’re a fan of good quality bread and cakes.



Keong Saik Bakery

41 Keong Saik Road Singapore 089146

Opening Hours: 8am to 8pm daily

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