Keep calm and breathe on

Singaporeans have never missed our clean air more. How we have taken the little things for granted. 
There are photos ad nauseum on social media but I wanted a record for my own online diary of sorts. So here’s a collage of what we had for the first half of 2013 right up to last Friday. 
For many it was too good a chance to pass up on our national pastime of complaining. 190, then 290, then 321!! FB exploded. 
Heartened though by other friends who are trying to put some perspective into it all. 
Yes, the air quality is unprecedentedly bad. Yes, it has reached levels hazardous to health. But most of us have the luxury of staying indoors, aircon or no aircon, where the indoor air quality is still pretty decent. 
Yes, we can smell smoke even in an aircon room. Yes, it looks a bit like Armageddon. But it isn’t, really. 
Those friends are buying masks to distribute to the homeless (they are connected to VWOs who can identify them), to those living in 1-2 room rental flats that do not have aircon, or simply to anyone they meet on the way to work who might need one – street sweepers, newspaper stall vendors…
There’s a group called SG Haze Rescue that’s coordinating efforts too. You can search for their FB page if you’d like to get involved. 
I suppose those most affected will be the construction workers. Their dusty job has suddenly become times smoggier. 
Others that are having a horrible time are those with sinusitis, eczema, or the elderly with respiratory system issues. 
Saw this advisory too, that seems quite helpful. 

Let’s hope this cloud hanging over us lifts  soon. In the meanwhile, let’s count our blessings and try to help the less fortunate. 

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