Kaboodle at Katong Square!

The kids were sooooooooo excited to visit Kaboodle at its new premises! They just opened in end-April 2017 at Katong Square with much more space and interesting new activities (more on that later). Can’t believe that it’s been almost two years, since we first discovered Kaboodle and reviewed it. The girls have been back there with friends and family a number of times since, but this is the first time at the new space.

We love Kaboodle’s mainstay of blue blocks from Imagination Playground. This time, there are the usual Large blocks, as well as Medium blocks, as well as connectors that can combine the two – endless new possibilities!

A wide expanse 

I was impressed that the main space for building was so much larger, as compared to Kaboodle’s former premises. There is still an entire length of natural light, which is simply wonderful for a child’s play area.

I find the charge of $20 per child (aged 3 and above) very reasonable (for unlimited play on weekdays, 3 hours of play on weekends). At least one adult should be present, and there is no charge for up to 2 adults present per child.

Jumping into a plate of ‘meatballs and spaghetti’!

A comfortable space to lounge in……

Shaking hands with Mr Robot. In the background, the other kids who were there at the time had unending fun ‘defending’ a fort at the top of a ramp at the far end, and sliding down the gentle ramp.

The very helpful and friendly staff helped us make this impressive ball run.

The girls had quite a bit of fun with it, but eventually some kids trampled all across it and it was no more……

But no worries! One of the interesting new activities that Kaboodle offers is some fun with water!

Wet Play Area

For that purpose, a wet play area was built. I was really impressed at how much thought went into the design of the new Kaboodle. But I’m not surprised at the beauty of the wet play area, since founder Jin has professional expertise in interior design.

The staff also brought out specially frozen ice blocks for the kids to play with. It’s interesting to see how each kid approaches this – some will smash it to get the objects out, others would melt it with their hands, or by swishing it in the water.

9 year old K had so much fun with it, even though I initially thought that it would appeal most to toddlers and pre-schoolers.


Sensory Play Area

Outside the Wet Play Area is the Sensory Play Area. With huge troughs of green and red beans, dry pasta, Citiblocs, coloured rice and other building toys, this place is wonderful for kids.

K & B had great fun messing around with the coloured rice.

I’m sure this felt very therapeutic!

There is a small sensory wall on one side, which is going to be expanded – At present, it is really interesting with textures comprising all sorts of household items. I think it will be really popular with toddlers, who are making sense of all the textures around them and learning through tactile experiences.

For safety, every child needs to be parent-accompanied in this space, given the small items involved.

Cafe Area

There is now a cafe area where parents can sit and chat. I really like its colour palette – soothing and understated. The cafe serves a variety of drinks, including fresh coconuts!

Back to Building

Soon, the kids were back to building with the Imagination Playground blocks.

Whenever they visit Kaboodle, they always build a house. Previously, their house was really elaborate, with a backyard and all.

This time, they built a small house, but managed to expand it eventually to fit in a bed! When I asked them when they wanted to leave, they said ‘Never!’ Such is the draw of the place, and how they can play for hours on end there.

Personally, I really like the ethos upon which Kaboodle was founded, and even I personally enjoy building with these blocks, and bonding with the girls as we build together.

Schooling is so stressful in Singapore, so spaces like these where kids can be kids and just build whatever they want, however they want, and engage in hours of free play…… such spaces are simply priceless gems. The concept is so simple, but you’d be surprised how much fun it brings!

See if you can spot the ‘bed’. In the other photo, K was posing with a ‘sword’ at another structure.

Next, taking turns to use their ‘binoculars’ in their newly re-fashioned house after an unruly boy demolished the front wall of the previous version.

I think it’s a great idea that the space is very open, and there are no floor to ceiling walls cutting this space off from the rest of the floor of the mall. Children can be extremely raucous, so not having the shouts reverberate off an enclosed space is rather wise indeed!

The kids had a wonderful time at the new Kaboodle. This means that they will definitely be back soon!



Kaboodle Singapore

Address: 88 East Coast Road, #02-05 Katong Square, Singapore 423371
Opening Hours: 10am – 6pm everyday except Tuesdays
Tel: 6247 7020

Admission fees: Ages 3 years old and above (non-member)
$20 for unlimited creative play hours at on weekdays (Monday, Wednesday – Friday).
$20 on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and public holidays for three hours of creative play. Additional charge of $10 for every hour thereafter.

Find out more from their:
Facebook Page


Note: Thank you Kaboodle for the review opportunity! 

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