Junior Explorer – Sharks in the Mexican Gulf Coast

It has been six months since we received our first Junior Explorer kit! And every month, the girls are delighted when a new package arrives with the Mission for the month.

This month, it was Mission Gulf Coast, which was all about Sharks, and other creatures that inhabit the Gulf (of Mexico’s) Coast. The Shark Chart has already earned its pride of place on the girls’ room wall, together with the Biomes of the World Chart, also from Junior Explorer.


Each Mission pack comes with different goodies – for instance, this edition came with a booklet of sea-themed finger tattoos, which the girls immediately put on.

There was also a Shark tooth necklace – I did a double take before realising that it was not a real tooth, haha.


As you can see, we have amassed a sweet set of badges so far!

I find myself learning so much each time we open a new Mission pack. Fun facts that I never knew, such as the ones below.


And learning for the sake of learning, without the shadow of any tests or assessments, are always more enjoyable.

Who knew that the Gulf of Mexico had habitats such as ‘super salty lagoons’, ‘oyster beds’ and ‘sponge beds’ amongst others?!


This time, instead of the usual ‘expedition, games, and giving back’ modules, we were directed to this super cool site where we could track the actual journeys of tagged sharks over the past year, just by entering their pet names.

As their trails appeared like beautiful constellations, we marvelled together at the amazing distances covered by these gentle giants.

K was also provided with a cool map, and stickers to show where the list of sharks appeared.

The site also provided snapshots of the actual sharks, and bite-sized nuggets of information about their diet and character.

I was really impressed by the work done by these marine biologists.

We now have a greater appreciation of the sharks in our beautiful blue planet, and the quirky paths they traverse.

You can order a subscription kit from this site too! More details on subscribing also in our previous post here.


Note: Thanks Junior Explorer for the Mission kits!

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