June Holidays – four fun activities we did

The June holidays are almost half over, and the girls have been having a blast!

Here are some of the more fun things I thought I’d post here for our record, and also to share. 🙂

Make a book

Five year old K wanted to write a story and she came up with some sheets of folded paper, intending to staple them together. I remembered this nifty DIY booklet that I saw online and have been meaning to do (what a terribly long list that is), and we proceeded to make it!

It’s really simple to make, and uses simple materials such as a wooden chopstick (or a pencil if you’d like) and a rubberband. I love how aesthetically pleasing the final product looks too!

Masak Masak at the National Museum of Singapore (NMS)

I was very sad when I found out that the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) was no longer under the auspices of the National Heritage Board (NHB), and has been ‘privatised’ or something. That meant that there would be to Children’s Season at SAM this year, something that I’ve looked forward to every June.

Oh well, guess the NMS has taken over that role this year! And happily, it did not disappoint.


I arranged to go with some friends, who incidentally are all mothers of girls (only)! It was the first time the kids met one another, but those who were closer in age clicked very quickly, and had lovely time playing with little princesses and their clip-on dresses after finishing lunch. Was great, cos it meant that the mummies could chat.

We started out at the cardboard room which was wonderfully spacious. For a donation of at least $2, we got some materials to craft out own “house” with stickers of local food. Yums. The girls also had fun running around the large cardboard house with its microwave oven, and doodle on the huge chalkboard.

Limitless potential of cardboard.

My favourite section was French artist Elias’ works of miniature dioramas.

What whimsical and fantastically imaginative flights of fancy, created with just a pair of manicure scissors and tweezers.

This is the kind of art that makes me go, why didn’t I think of that?

Why can’t I create amazing masterpieces like that out of ordinary everyday materials like a toilet roll?

Some people just got the lion’s share of creative talent when it was doled out at the start, I guess. No use being bitter about it. 😛

My favourite four.

The girls also spent the most time at that section, colouring their little sheets of paper, cutting and pasting to mimic the masterpieces by Elias.

All in all, a very enjoyable half day spent at the museum. Well done, all those who imagined this up, and put it together.

One of the best June holiday activities, and all for free. *thunderous applause*

Plus, it’s in air-conditioned comfort. What more can a mum ask for, seriously? On till 3 August, so do catch it if you haven’t. It’s a little packed during the school holidays, even on weekdays, but if you go when it opens at 10am like we did, it should be alright. It closes at 6pm daily.

surgical glove art

We lugged around two pieces of balloon art too, but those can’t be found at the NMS.

We had gone to the dentist that morning, and the very cheery dentist had taken the time to make the girls a surgical glove balloon ‘doll’ each. She took the pains to colour each one to match their dresses that day!

They loved it so much that they refused to let me throw it away even after it became a bit unwieldly to carry around at the museum!

Clay magnets

The kids were bored at home, and chanced upon this new box of craft that someone had given us a while ago. They were so enthused about making the clay magnets! I had to help quite a bit to get the right consistency, and also since this craft clay hardens pretty quickly.
But they were happy to paint and sprinkle glitter.  Actually, I was very happy to paint too. Not hard to guess who did which pieces, haha!

Changi City Point Hasbro Playzone

I brought the girls out for dinner, and chanced on this playzone. Since we had a $30+ receipt, we qualified for one round of games!

Avariety of familiar games.

Choose one out of 5 figures to fix as fast as you can!

The games were simple, but well-suited for K. At the end, she got to pick a gift from the lucky draw box, and won a very cool aeroplane figurine, which you can see B hugging gleefully below.

That was a pleasant evening too, with an unexpected shot of fun.

The initial intent was to give them a little holiday treat, since they usually look wistfully at the revolving sushi belt at restaurants, but seldom get to go.

When I announced where we were heading, there were actually spontaneous cheers! Haha. It cost quite a bit more than usual, but some things are priceless.

The joy on their face as they stared at the sushi rolling by, and the excitement at being allowed to pick a plate or two up…

These are simple things that I will cherish, and times I hope never to forget.

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