It’s the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas – it is the most wonderful time of year to me, for so many reasons.

The weather in hot, hotter, hottest Singapore cools by a degree or two, school’s out and the children can play, it’s the time when folks get a year end bonus and shops haul in ridiculous profits, and when holidays are planned. Most importantly, it marks the remembrance of the day that changed the destiny of mankind forever.

For the past few years, it has also been the season of Christmas card-making!  This year, a bunch of mummy crafter-bloggers (including my friend Dotz and my friend MummyWee) are joining our hearts and efforts to raise funds for Radion International.  The name Radion stands for RADIATING MISSION, and their goal to radiate love and care to needy and marginalised communities in Singapore and South East Asia, bringing help to the ones who need them most. Not only through words but more importantly through practical actions. They work with street kids and the destitute elderly. Their motto particularly resonates with me – “Every Life Matters”.

So we will be, as usual, donating the full proceeds raised to this non-profit organisation, and absorbing the cost of materials, labour, and postage to you.

This year, I’ll be making cards ($10) and gift tags ($3), for you to add that personalised touch to your Christmas goodies.  Want to thank a friend or teacher for all that they’ve been to you this year?  Nothing says love and appreciation like a handmade Christmas card.  Want to add that extra zing to a present for a child or loved one? A little handmade tag that you can jot a small message on, can function like a bookmark hence.

So here are the lovely papers of the season that I have – feel free to choose the one you like, and let me know which one through email [lilbluebottle (at) gmail (dot com)], and we can discuss what to get to you!


 Here are some of the cards we made last year.  🙂


Let’s spread some love this Christmas!

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