It’s all about the FOOD – Melaka II

Day I – A tale of two eateries

We began our food trip with a feast at Tee Soon Teochew Restaurant in an alley off Jonker Street.

Famous soft shell crab


…still, always space for ORH NEE!

Thus began our food pilgrimage… after the heavy lunch, most of the family went shopping whilst us parents went back to the house for the kids’ nap… after they woke up, it was dinnertime!

Yummy lightly seasoned food

Neglected to take photos of the spread, but the feature was this amazing broiled crisp unsticky ladyfinger dish with the most delicious tart-yet-sweet chili sauce. It was so good a few of us chili connoisseurs ate dollop after dollop with plain rice.

Simple unpretentious decor echoes the food

A good foil to the richer lunch we had, the simple less-seasoned food suited us well.

Cendol – not the thick cloying gula melaka variety but pleasing nonetheless
Day II – Bak Kut Teh!

The next day, brunch was at this nondescript coffeeshop in the middle of nowhere (they don’t have namecards either), that our driver brought us to.  Apparently popular with Singaporeans (trust them to sniff out good food however obscure), this was bak kut teh with a lot more thrown in!

Mushrooms and celery feature in this dish, alongside meatballs mixed with water chestnuts. Yum.  In the background was very interestingly sliced Ter Kah (pig’s trotters) – we’ve never come across a sliced version but it did make it easier to access the lean meat.

Cutest chair ever

What I loved on this trip was the variety of vintage baby chairs the kids got to use! Yup, trust a mummy to pick up on that. This was a cute rattan variety that I had erstwhile not come across. B liked it too, though you can’t quite tell what she’s trying to express from that face. o.O

Best roti canai in nearby coffeeshop

Fluffy with the right about of solid stretchiness.  Ooh how I love a good canai (prata, sama sama).

Aunty Lee’s!

This is a restaurant that my in-laws have tried before, and didn’t mind coming back to. A quirk is that you have to order half a day (at least) in advance, since they mainly operate on a cook-to-order basis. Good for minimising wastage, and ensuring produce is fresh, I guess!

Aunty Lee’s!

Once you get past the monkey faces, allow me to draw your attention to the awesome wooden high chairs! I have seen similar ones in Phuket but not quite the same small size. Very sturdy, quaint and formal looking – wouldn’t look out of place in any hotel.

All this rice for me, momma?
Part of our feast.

Day III – wantan mee

The next day we ventured to the Renaissance/Bayview hotel area, in search of old haunts that we enjoyed a few years ago, when our church camp was held there.

Open fire wok

A typical coffeeshop with ‘famous’ char kuay teow and wantan mee (too busy eating).  The owner of the latter skilfully marketed her Water Dumpling soup to us by saying that it was available today only because she was in the shop…… ok, sold. Not that we regretted it!  Truly awesome dumplings.

We crazily thought we had space for more, and decided to relive the Canai that we tried years ago. It was good, as was the teh halia, but utility-wise, we had kinda crossed the maximising point… but what we could stuff in (for the road!) was yums enough.

Bawang Telur!

Johore Bahru – dining by the sea

We asked our driver (by now also our guide) where we could stop for dinner at JB.  She suggested dining by the sea – sounded fun enough. It turned out to be quite interesting, a restaurant overlooking this huge fishing pond right within sight of Sembawang (shipyard, etc)… the food was alright, so-so by our recent food mecca standards.  All in all, a good meal to fellowship over and round up our trip! Are you feeling stuffed yet, just from reading all this? *wink*

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