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We received a huge box one day, and guess what it contained?

All this!

It was a shoe care package from is:Shoe Singapore and we’ll be explaining what each item does!


is:Shoe Repulse Hydrophobic Spray

Firstly, to introduce their star product, the is:Shoe Repulse! It sprays on a waterproof coating to prevent all liquid from penetrating. This is useful for school shoes that are likely to get muddy in the field from PE and other sports. I would recommend spraying this on a brand new pair for maximum effect.

To begin, remove any surface dirt that could hamper the spray from performing as it should. For this, the soft bristles of a horsehair brush would work best.

Then spray liberally to coat the external surfaces of the shoes well, then go and explore the great outdoors without fearing that your shoes will become unrecogniseably dirty – cos this waterproof layer will also make it easier to clean dirt off after each trek – just don’t leave it too long until it cakes, I suppose.

I found it particularly useful on canvas shoes, which are very vulnerable to turning black from the usual dust on footpaths and the like.

We went gardening again recently, and here’s a look at how the water just rolled off my now-‘waterproof’ canvas shoes.

You can also view these impressive videos from isShoe showing how it even works on suede moccasins – it must be especially helpful for suede shoes that would be ruined by water stains!


is:Shoe Active Carbon Shoe Dehumidifiers

In Singapore’s humid climate, carbon shoe dehumidifiers are a great help. They remove moisture, odour and prevent fungal growth in shoes. Plus they come in funky colours.


isShoe Refresh Fragrance Sachets: Available in Rose, Jasmine, Lavender, Ocean and Lily 

These fragrance sachets have really nice scents. The kids love them too, and requisitioned some for their own use in their clothing drawers.

I placed one in each of the shoe storage boxes that we set up (see below!) to further freshen up the shoes.


Elenor Prime Shoe Storage Boxes

isShoe retails a range of translucent shoe storage boxes of differing price points, which are perfect for protecting shoes (prevents dust from settling on shoes, insects from nesting inside) whilst making it easy for you to see where every pair of shoe is.

I usually hesitate to keep my shoes in the opaque shoe boxes that they came in, because more often than not, out of sight means out of mind, and I forget that they exist, and they get into disrepair from lack of use.

Also, the handy flap opening of the Elenor Prime Shoe Box means that I can access each pair of shoes easily, no matter how high I stack them. When I pile the normal shoe boxes on top of each other, even if I label them with a photo of each pair of shoes, it’s such a hassle to get a pair out if it’s stacked at the bottom.

The boxes come ‘flatpacked’ but there are very clear instructions from their website, and my little girls had a great time putting the boxes together. You can click on the title in the box below to see more…

How to set up your Elenor Prime Shoe Box

They come in a choice of white, grey or pink coloured edges, and the girls were very pleased with their pink-edged shoe boxes.

The boxes also stack very nicely on top of each other because there are little grooves designed to hold them together lightly, so that they don’t topple easily.

New homes for our shoes! The box is also spacious enough to house two pairs of kids’ shoes each.

I did a test, and the box fits high heeled shoes snugly. If the shoes are super high ones with platforms all around, then it might not fit. To be sure, check your shoe height against the box measurements.

If you are looking for a neat way to protect your shoes, there is a box for every budget. From Kraft ‘drawer-style’ boxes that retail from $1.20 each, to gorgeous acrylic shoe boxes (that look like glass cases) for your most prized footwear.


is:Shoe Adjustable Shoe Trees

Lastly, let us introduce these adjustable shoe trees. I hadn’t come across such shoe trees before, but realised that they are quite useful! They come in male and female sizes.

And were a great help in ‘straightening’ out my grubby sneakers. It’s easy to adjust them to match the shoe size, and they snap in place with a satisfying click. The effective design also means that each shoe tree is very easy to remove – just pull on the small loop and it will bend such that taking it out from a snug position is a breeze.

And now, is:Shoe is kindly offering a giveaway!


4 readers of the LilBlueBottle blog will get to win a REPULSE waterproof spray (worth $14) each!

To enter, simply complete the following:

  1. “Like” LilBlueBottle’s Facebook Page and isShoe’s Facebook Page.
  2. Leave a comment on this Facebook post with your email address.

The giveaway ends on 2359 hrs on 12 July 2017, and the winners will be contacted via email. The usual terms and conditions apply. 🙂



Congrats to Jing Rong, Carol, Kaiqi and Kathy! Thanks for participating. 🙂


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