Hokey Pokey’s wonderland

Recently, we had a chance to visit Hokey Pokey – I’ve been wanting to go for a long time, but wanted to do so on a weekday, so that it would not be too crowded.

We got there bright and early just as they opened around 10am, but were slightly delayed because I thought we could enter via Parco, but the linking doors would not open till 1030am!  So if you are going around 10am via Promenade MRT Exit A, don’t enter via Parco shopping centre. Use the actual Millennia Walk entrance near the Parco side instead.

I decided to bring B alone, since it seemed like the set-up was most suited for her age.  It was also high time for a Mama and B alone outing!

Most pleased

There was a ‘health check’, including taking temperature and checking (and sanitizing) hands, which is simply great.  Nothing is more important than making sure that such places do not become hotbeds of infections!  Throughout our visit, I was also singularly impressed at how clean the place was.

Lockers available at no extra charge, a diaper changing area with a “diaper champ” pail, which was great in minimising smells – important since the parents’ seats were in the same area.

Drinks on sale, four baby chairs (you’re allowed to bring your own food and drinks) and a great slogan

Sweet story of mumpreneurs

I couldn’t stop taking photos – so prepare yourself for a deluge.

the view as you enter – so many toys on the shelves!

The left side from my bird’s eye view (top of the ball pit slide)

The right side

Because we were early on a weekday, the place was amazingly empty.  There were only 3-4 kids right till around noon time, where a crowd started entering.  At its peak I counted about 12 kids and their parents, which was still far below their limit (great that they have one) of 30.  Parties are now held in a separate room, so there need not be worries that your visit will coincide with a large noisy party.

Large Ball Pit


She enjoyed throwing the balls up high

I couldn’t resist joining in a couple of times
B spent a considerable amount of time filling her basket with balls and toting that basket everywhere!
I thought this roller-coaster car ride was really cool but B was too chicken to try it more than once
Imaginative Play – kitchen 
The little chef

She loves kitchens and cooking so it wasn’t a surprise that she kept coming back to this area

There was such a great variety of toys too
Good quality toys (ELC and the like)

Coffee, anyone?
Really loved how gorgeous this looked
B wasn’t very captivated though, and refused even to sit long enough for me to get a proper photo of her tinkering with it.  I spent some time doing just that, and concluded that it looks waaaaaay better than it sounds. 

There was a 1.5 metre tall wooden dollhouse, but B gave that a miss too – I took a photo of the delightful attic
Too sweet – for the domestic goddess

Our friend enjoyed the castle more – going in and out, in and out

And sliding from it – if only all castles were this cool
Little Library – the reading corner

How cute is that?!

A little rocking chair too! I was so sad B didn’t want to try it.

 What I particularly appreciated was the fact that the books were chosen with care. Well done, whoever curated this selection!  I had a great time thumbing through them myself.  Perhaps they have a partnership with the nearby Woods in the Books.

B was only willing to sit for as long a time as it took to ‘read to’ her baby.  Which was for 4 pages.  Then she was off again.

A good selection of vehicles, Fisher Price, Leapfrog and other battery operated toys

She loved making this birthday cake and singing the birthday song (bilingually. repeatedly)

One of the best things about this place is how regularly the staff come by to tidy up.  It was nice that things were restored such that other kids who came later have a pleasant experience too.

I loved the texture of this

Vehicles galore

There must have been at least 10 types of kiddy rides from motorcycles to scooters. 

She (and her basket of balls) had a ride around, fueled by the Mama Diesel Engine

How cool and retro is that

Scooting away to the baby section!

The Baby Section


Many babies and their equipment (including a washing machine!)

She didn’t want to ride but made her baby do so

Another parent invented this game – innovative combination from the baby ball pit

Around 2 plus pm, she started putting her baby to sleep (did you notice they have matching polkas?) and was a good mummy, lying down to cuddle her

We took a lunch break in between, where Papa came to meet us.  He had a nice time coming to see B enjoying herself too, before returning to work.

Finally, I managed to convince B that it was Time to Go.  Thought it was a sweet touch to give the kids a little packet of alphabet biscuits as they left!  And below you can see her happily munching away…

A wonderful time B had indeed
Many thanks to Hokey Pokey who offered us this great experience at a discounted rate – Mummy thinks she had just as much fun as B there.  
You can find more details on opening times and rates here. Enjoy!

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  1. May 13, 2013 at 1:46 am

    nice playground

    • May 13, 2013 at 10:59 am

      Yes it is indeed! Clean too!

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