Hervé Tullet

When it popped up on my newsfeed that Woods in the Books was closing it’s Club Street store, I knew I had to make a visit. Even though at 20% off, it was still a tad pricey, and marginally more expensive than ordering from bookdepository.co.uk, nothing comes close to being able to browse through the entire story, before deciding whether it’s something truly worth adding to our home library. Friends of ours had also visited the shop, so K&B were very blessed to receive two Hervé Tullets – a Doodle Cook book (below) for K and a glow-in-the-dark (no words needed for that magic!) for B.

I had picked up “The game of let’s go!” together with other books by other authors, and wanted to check out “Press Here” by Hervé Tullet, which has been hailed as the predecessor of the iPad, but that was out of stock. 
K has started on Doodle Cook, which has a simple premise but very interactive.  It’s interesting to see how K comes up with very different interpretations of the same set of instructions – my “dishes” would have looked quite different from hers!

So ta-ta, club street branch!  We still have millennia walk to go to, when we need a glorious picture book browsing and buying fix.

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