Happy Mother’s Day

Flowers bought and self-arranged a month or so ago…

Mother’s Day is an especially sweet time, when we revel in the offerings of art and cards from our little ones.

Whether these are directed by the teachers in school, or spontaneously drawn at home, they are all precious.  At one event, I even got served some specially brewed chrysanthemum tea after a song presentation!

This year, I was reminded that appreciating our mothers need not be commercialised.  It need not profit those who advertise day after day in the lead-up to this special day.

Personally, I decided to skip the fancy dinner at a crowded Chinese restaurant, and take half a day off to bring my mum shopping for the new dress she wanted to wear to my cousin’s upcoming wedding. 
One of my favourite Mother’s Day gifts wasn’t even from my own kids. The youth in my church had spent late nights on weekends painting varied designs on these simple tote bags. 
I loved the one I got. Practical, inexpensive and handmade. With a verse from Proverbs 31 as a tag. 

I was also reminded by the thoughtful sermon today, that we should endeavour to be spiritual mothers to fellow believers. And it reminded me how blessed I have been to have had so many spiritual mothers at each season of my life. Just by subconsciously being role models, or telling me that they were praying for me, or just lending me a listening ear and giving godly advice. 

And that anyone can be a spiritual mum to others, whether or not they are biological mums. I think this was especially inclusive, and do true. 
Overall, I guess motherhood, especially the biological version, is a full-time job, for all our lives. 
I felt that keenly when I had to wake up at 4am to change a poopy diaper cos B was reacting to her anti-biotics. 
The only silver lining was that she actually  managed to wear her own pull-ups as instructed, even in semi-slumber. 
There are various seasons in motherhood, and I am looking forward to cherishing each one. Not lamenting the losses to come, or the stresses of the present, or pining for some distant promise of bliss. 
But to live in the present, remind myself to savour each moment, both the tough times so I can empathise and encourage fellow mums, as well as the sweet moments that make up for so much. 
Happy Mother’s Day. 
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